Working capital determinants in the automotive industry: an empirical analysis

Fasano, F., La Rocca M., & Rizzo F. (2023).  Working capital determinants in the automotive industry: an empirical analysis. International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management. 23, 257 – 279.

La DGCCRF au secours des carossiers

L'assureur, ce carrossier (source :
Le 25 mars 2019, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, secrétaire d’État auprès du ministre de l’Économie et des Finances et Virginie Beaumeunier, directrice générale, ont présenté les résultats 2018 de la DGCCRF.
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The French administration supervising competition to help car bodyshops

L'assureur, ce carrossier (source :
On March 25, 2019, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Secretary of State to the Minister of the Economy and Finance and Virginie Beaumeunier, Director of the ministry's higher authority for competition (DGCCRF: direction générale de la concurrence et de la répression des fraudes - not to be mistaken with the independent Autorité de la Concurrence, the highest autority which is independent from the government), presented the 2018 results of the DGCCRF.
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Protected spare parts: are purchasing power problems soluble in the competition?

Gilets Jaunes handling spare parts
On March 5, after referring to the pope of liberalism Friedrich Hayek, the French PM Edouard Philippe, in the context of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the French Competition Authority, continued his speech as follows: "Competition is obviously not the solution to all problems. But it is one of the solutions to the purchasing power problem that our society is facing (wink Gilets Jaunes). While the State of course has the fiscal and budgetary levers to meet this challenge, we must also tackle another aspect: that of "constrained" spending. These expenses that we cannot do without and whose every unjustified increase is like a hidden tax. The time has come to absorb some of these "blind spots of purchasing power"." 
In fact, it will be recalled that in 2012, through a self-referral, the ADLC took an interest in the maintenance and repair markets and, on statistical bases whose fragility was demonstrated by the manufacturers and their lawyers at the time (1), claimed that "in a market of EUR 1,8-2,6 billion, the lifting of the protection of visible spare parts could generate an average gain for consumers of around EUR 200 million'.
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Balancing Opportunistic Behavior in Times of Coopetition – A Case Study of German Automotive Suppliers

Fojcik, T. M., Schilling L., & Proff H. (2013).  Balancing Opportunistic Behavior in Times of Coopetition – A Case Study of German Automotive Suppliers. Gerpisa colloquium.

While in the past, cooperations in the automotive industry mostly took place in the vertical dimension of the supply chain, today it is ascertainable that a growing number of cooperations arise at the horizontal level and thus between direct competitors. The large number of examples in the supplier industry indicates that automotive suppliers attempt to combine resources and competences with direct competitors to ensure competitive advantages and firm performance. But in this context the paradox of coopetition, i.e. the simultaneous cooperation and competition of at least two companies, occurs. The concomitance of cooperation and competition leads to opportunism among the involved collaboration parties, which in turn, is supposed to be one of the main threats of the success of cooperations in the automotive industry as well as other business sectors. But conversely, opportunism can stimulate competition and finally entails competitive advantages for at least one collaboration party. Insofar, in coopetition settings the consideration of opportunistic behavior is crucial, because strong (low) opportunism can either have a positive (negative) effect on competitive behavior or a negative (positive) effect on cooperative actions. Thus, the purpose in case of the coopetition paradox is rather to find a balance of opportunism between cooperative and competitive actions. lire la suite

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