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  1. Abe, A. (2024) Issues in International Comparison of Used Vehicle Exports Gerpisa colloquium.
  2. Alkire, K. F., & Belzowski B. M. (2024) Evolving EV Battery Circular Value Chain in the United States Gerpisa colloquium.
  3. Alochet, M., & Midler C. (2024) Does Europe still have the means to successfully develop a strong low-carbon mobility industry? Gerpisa colloquium.
  4. Antonialli, F., Mira-Bonnardel S., & BAREILLE O. (2024) Divergent trajectory of change in the CASE paradigm: why and how can we expect a consolidation in public transport. Gerpisa colloquium.
  5. Areous, G. B., & Covarrubias-V A. (2024) OEMs strategies for labor relations in international subsidiaries: Could transborder labor arrangements and standards outweigh national idiosyncrasies? Gerpisa colloquium.
  6. Baba, T. (2024) Global Value Chain of a New Tire for Automobile and Commercial Vehicle: Brazil and Global situation between 2000 to 2023 Gerpisa colloquium.
  7. Barassa, E., da Cruz R. F., Petry P. M., & Carvalho G. A. G. (2024) Biofuels & Electrification: The Shifting Landscape of Brazilian Sociotechnical Mobility System Gerpisa colloquium.
  8. Beltrametti, L., Di Maria E., & Wang X. (2024) The role of industrial policies in sustaining the electrification transition – comparing China with Europe Gerpisa colloquium.
  9. Beranek, M. (2024) Barriers to the development of electromobility in the Czech Republic in comparison with the policy of supporting emission-free transport Gerpisa colloquium.
  11. Boos, A. (2024) Transformation of the Mobility System: Exploring the Impacts of Automated Driving on Future Labour Markets Gerpisa colloquium.
  12. Bubbico, D., Cavalca G., & D’Onofrio G. (2024) The Italian components industry in EV transition: skills demand, training and unions’ role Gerpisa colloquium.
  13. Calabrese, G. G., Falavigna G., & Ippolitii R. (2024) Investments, innovation and financial strategies in the Italian automotive supply chain Gerpisa colloquium.
  14. Carrillo, J., Vallejo, & Gomis R. (2024) Technological alliances in times of technological uncertainty. A case study for the global automotive industry Gerpisa colloquium.
  15. Castro, C. P., Rodríguez T. B., & Consoni F. L. (2024) Perspectives towards a circular and sustainable economy - a mapping of regulations and public policy instruments in Brazil, Chile, and Colombia Gerpisa colloquium.
  16. Cavara, R., & Zirpoli F. (2024) Back to the future in European emissions standards? Lessons from the watering down of Euro 7 in a policy-making perspective Gerpisa colloquium.
  17. Cetrulo, A., Carbonell J. S., Collodoro C., Dosi G., Moro A., Nelli L., et al. (2024) A “just” transition or just a transition ? Trade unions and the decarbonisation of the automotive industry in France and Italy Gerpisa colloquium.
  18. Covarrubias-V, A. (2024) Mexico Labor upsurge in the auto sector: The top-down ignition point or when structural and institutional power resources act with labor’s limited associational and societal ones. Gerpisa colloquium.
  19. Cresti, L., Mazzilli D., Patelli A., Sbardella A., & Tacchella A. (2024) Investigating automotive in Europe: supply chain vulnerability, capabilities and export specialisation Gerpisa colloquium.
  20. Domanski, B., Micek G., Guzik R., Gwosdz K., & Kocaj A. (2024) Automotive industry: typical or specific sector of Central European manufacturing? Gerpisa colloquium.
  21. Dziczek, K., & Helper S. (2024) Supply chain implications of making affordable electric vehicles Gerpisa colloquium.
  22. Dziczek, K. (2024) Economic Impacts of the 2023 UAW-Ford/GM/Stellantis contracts in the United States Gerpisa colloquium.
  23. Ferschli, B. (2024) Manufacturing Employment: Engineers on Automation, Crisis and Structural Change in the Austrian Automotive Supplier Industry Gerpisa colloquium.
  24. Fu, H. (2024) Digital Evolution in the Automotive Aftermarket: A Comparative Analysis of EV Start-ups and Legacy Carmakers in China Gerpisa colloquium.
  25. Garibaldo, F. (2024) Digital technologies and functional reorganisation: implications for working conditions and skills. Gerpisa colloquium.
  26. Gwosdz, K., Baron M., Hetmańczyk M., Kwiatkowski T., & Sobala-Gwosdz A. (2024) A Kaleidoscope of Digitalization: Challenges and Prospects for Digitalization among Polish Automotive Suppliers Gerpisa colloquium.
  27. Heimann, C., Gensler E., Hecker K., & Weber H. (2024) The Effects of the Transition on the Bavarian Automotive Suppliers Gerpisa colloquium.
  28. Higashi, H., Minami S., Akiyama T., & Takeuchi R. (2024) Public Initiative to Seed, Grow, and Diffuse a Mobility Innovation: Industrial Policy versus Transportations Policy Gerpisa colloquium.
  29. Holmes, J. (2024) Similar Challenges, Different Strategies, Similar Outcomes: 2023 Unifor-D-3 Collective Bargaining in Canada Gerpisa colloquium.
  30. Holst, H. (2024) Varietes of Polarization – The Effects of Decarbonization on Work and Employment in the German and Korean Auto Industry Gerpisa colloquium.
  31. Hrubý, M., & Šaroch S. (2024) Taking Stock in 2024: Automotive Supply Chains, Value-Added, and a Case Study of the Small Open Economy of Czechia Gerpisa colloquium.
  32. Jaderná, E., & Přikrylová J. (2024) An Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Vehicles from the Perspective of Czech Consumers Gerpisa colloquium.
  33. Jeppe, A., Kraus L., & Proff H. (2024) Early Business Model for the Orchestrator of a repurposing Ecosystem at the Bottom of the Pyramid Gerpisa colloquium.
  34. Klier, T., Bognar L., Brave S., & McGranahan L. (2024) Charged and almost ready –what is holding back the resale market for battery electric vehicles? Gerpisa colloquium.
  35. Klier, T., & Rubenstein J. (2024) The emerging geography of electric vehicle production in North America: Revolution or evolution? Gerpisa colloquium.
  36. Mañas, A. G. P. (2024) Autonomous vehicles are still interesting for cities actors? Gerpisa colloquium.
  37. Martišková, M., Gažo P., & Meszmann T. (2024) Steering Labour Dynamics: Trends in Labour Utilisation Strategies within Central and Eastern European Automotive Sector Gerpisa colloquium.
  38. Minami, S., Higashi H., Takeuchi R., & Akiyama T. (2024) Role of Public Finance for Social Innovation in Mobility - From the French Japanese comparison of low-floor tram vehicle cases Gerpisa colloquium.
  39. Moniz, A. B., Boavida N., & Candeias M. (2024) Is there a CASE paradigm in the Portuguese regulatory context? What can challenge the automotive industry? Gerpisa colloquium.
  40. Mordue, G., & Vallejo B. (2024) Industrial Policy Imitation: A Critical Evaluation of Canada’s Adoption of the US Inflation Reduction Act Gerpisa colloquium.
  41. Natsuda, K. (2024) Carbon Neutrality and Japan’s Automotive Industry: Towards Green Supply Chain Networks Gerpisa colloquium.
  42. Novaresio, A. (2024) The role of artificial intelligence and digital technologies in the environmental transition of seaports’ logistics: the case of Genoa Gerpisa colloquium.
  43. Novaresio, A. (2024) The impact of the electrification process upon labor in the Italian automotive ecosystem: an empirical analysis based on survey data Gerpisa colloquium.
  44. Palumbo, G., Dosi G., & Virgillito M. E. (2024) Ages of Taylorism: an Analysis of Workplaces Regimes from Ford to Tesla Gerpisa colloquium.
  45. juliano Pelegrina, Frigant V., de Mello A. M., & Marx R. (2024) OEMs: Complementing ride-hailing service ecosystems Gerpisa colloquium.
  46. Perez Almansi, B., & Zirpoli F. (2024) Charting New Frontiers: The Impact of European Automotive Industry Changes on Italian Suppliers Gerpisa colloquium.
  47. Pérez-Moure, H., Lampón J. F., & Cabanelas P. (2024) A new reconfiguration of regional status? The new spatial model of the automotive value chain
  48. Ramirez, S., & Klebaner S. (2024) Bringing the European Union back in the automobile sector after the Covid crisis Gerpisa colloquium.
  49. SAWAMURA, H., & KOOLI-CHAABANE H. (2024) Managing both the multi-stakeholder cooperation for a legal reform and the competition to build first mover’s advantage - Case of the diffusion of electric kick-scooter sharing service and 2023 Road Transport Law Amendment in Japan Gerpisa colloquium.
  50. Schröder, M. (2024) Varieties of Digitalisation? Digital Transformation in Germany and Lean Augmentation in Japan Gerpisa colloquium.

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