Présentation au colloque du Gerpisa

Is Indian Automobile Industry getting integrated with Asian Production Network?

The de-territorialization of the American Auto Industry and COVID-19/I 4.0 impacts: The breaking down of the old value chains and its replacement for new Value Propositions

Designing Charging Ecosystems for e-Taxis in City Centers

Proff, H., Jaspers D., Knobbe F., & G. S. - S. (2021).  Designing Charging Ecosystems for e-Taxis in City Centers. Gerpisa colloquium.

There is a big debate about sustainability in mobility (e.g., EU, 2021). In the Europe Union, motorized private transport accounts for around 11 percent of greenhouse gas emissions (EU, 2019: 127-139). An important measure for the sustainable design of mobility in the context of a fundamental mobility turnaround (UBA, 2020) is therefore to increase the share of vehicles with alternative drives, especially in city centres (Hickman/Banister, 2019: 29) and, due to the high daily mileage, the taxi industry (Hagman/Langbroek, 2019). However, there is a lack of concrete plans for the electrification of taxi fleets, because despite political incentives, restrictive legislation and subsidies (Bischoff et al., 2017), the challenges of high acquisition costs and long charging times of electric vehicles in continuous operation have not yet been solved and profitability is lacking. Currently, the use of electric taxis takes place almost exclusively in pilot projects. (cf. e.g. Hampel, 2019). In order to be able to offer the electric taxi use on a profitable level, relevant actors (Bojkovic et al., 2010: 1177) such as vehicle manufacturers, providers and operators of a charging hub for taxis, investors, political representatives and taxi drivers as potential customers of the vehicles (Macharis, 2008: 185) would have to firmly join into a partner network, e.g. lire la suite


A framework proposal for business model innovation towards sustainable mobility: Exploring factors driving business modelling

Mapping specialisations in the international trade of automotive components and parts: a multilayer network analysis

Hydrogen storage solution : an assessment of its technological innovation system. Insights from patent data.

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