Programme of the joint GERPISA and PVMI 2022 Annual Conference

  • The 30th International Colloquium of Gerpisa takes place in Ann-Arbour / Detroit and will be an hybrid event. All the presentations are recorded and will be available below by the 7th of June 2022.
  • In the parallel sessions a discussant from the International Steering Committee of Gerpisa will resume the presentations and launch the discussion with the participants before opening the Q&A to the audience. 
  • Instructions on how to record and upload presentations are available here: 
  • Plenaries will be brodacasted live on youtube. 
  • To attend the colloquium in person or virtually and have access to the zoom links you need to register here: 
  • Times are displayed in UTC 2 Paris zone, if you want to display the hours of the colloquium in your time zone: log in with your user account, edit your account, change the time zone at the bottom of the user account page.




- Afternoon events for early arrivals:

MCity Autonomous Vehicle Test Facility

May Mobility Autonomous Shuttle / A2Go in Ann Arbor

Monday evening:

Informal groups for food & beeer

Tuesday 14th of June

Wednesday 15th of June

Thursday 16th of June


  • 08:00 CEST

    Optional Tour: Advance Reservation Required

    Tentative 8:30 am departure / 2:30 pm return

    - Ford Rouge F-150 Pickup Assembly Plant Tour

    - lunch at Museum cafeteria

    - The Henry Ford Transportation and Technology Museum

    - Stephanie Lucas of the Benson Ford Research Center will meet with interested researchers to introduce their archives. Limited to 5, please contact Mike Smitka in advance.


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