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"Lavorare in fabbrica oggi" - A Survey of Working Conditions at FCA-CNH

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Journée du Gerpisa 259

The presentation of the book Lavorare in fabbrica oggi. Inchiesta sulle condizioni di lavoro in Fca/Cnh, result of a collective research conducted by the Fondazioni Di Vittorio and Sabattini, together with FIOM/CGIL (published by Fondazione Feltrinelli, 2020).
The book revives the practices of a workers’ inquiry to describe the lived experience of assembly work at FCA/CNH today. Based on an extensive survey, it illustrates the main results of a field research conducted on working conditions at FCA-CNH Group plants in Italy. In particular, it analyses the consequences of the change in work organisation following the transformation in the collective bargaining system and the introduction of organisational (Ergo-UAS and WCM) and technological innovations. Ultimately, the book aims to highlight the critical aspects of these changes from the workers’ point of view.


  • Daniele Di Nunzio, Fondazione Di Vittorio
  • Matteo Gaddi, Fondazione Claudio Sabattini GGIL
  • Angelo Moro, Cesaer - INRAE

259 Journée du Gerpisa.


The real fake acquisition of FCA by PSA

Following an article in Automotive News Europe, we read that the merger between equals between PSA and FCA was in fact an acquisition of the latter by the former. On closer inspection, this theory is very fragile and, although the review of the deal negotiated in August was a way of making PSA's point of view prevail, the fiction of a merger between equals is for the moment safe.
Automotive News Europe's correspondent in Italy, Andrea Malan, has had some success in tracking down in the documents published on the PSA and FCA websites - and, in particular, in the "prospectus" announcing how Stellantis is to be formed - the paragraph which states that, for accounting reasons, it is, even in the case of a merger between equals, necessary to designate a buyer and an acquirer. The article suggests that the fact that, in order to meet this requirement, the choice was made to consider that it was PSA that acquired FCA and not the other way round is not accidental. 
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La vraie fausse acquisition de FCA par PSA


Suite à un article dans Automotive News Europe, on a pu lire que la fusion entre égaux entre PSA et FCA était en fait une acquisition du second par le premier. A y regarder de plus près, cette thèse est bien fragile et, si la révision du deal qui s’est négociée en août a bien été une manière de faire prévaloir le point de vue de PSA, la fiction de la fusion entre égaux est pour l’instant sauve. lire la suite

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