CARS 21. Mid-Term Review. High Level Conference - Conclusions and Report

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Government Report



European Commission, Brussels (2008)



compétitivité, devéloppement durable, distribution, Europe de l'Est, Europe de l'Ouest


CARS 21 Mid-Term Review High Level Conference - Conclusions and Report The Commission has launched the mid-term review of CARS 21 and has sought views from stakeholders on the automotive regulatory framework. These have been outlined in the CARS 21 mid-term review report. As a significant sector in the European economy, with significant employment, investment, research and development and a strong multiplier effect, attention needs to be paid to ensuring the continuation of a strong European automotive industry. As part of the Commission’s modern industrial policy, the CARS 21 process (originally launched in 2005) aims “to make recommendations for the short-, medium-, and long-term public policy and regulatory framework for the European automotive industry that enhances global competitiveness and employment while sustaining further progress in safety and environmental performance at a price affordable to the consumer.”

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