The Auto Industry in Emerging Economies: Actors, Policies and Structural Issues

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Sub-group aimed at a collective publication (volume or special issue) on the automotive industry in emerging economies. Contributions may include both country cases and comparative works. A focus on the Global South, and on still underexplored economies, will be particularly welcome. The objective will be to shed light on new players and on countries that are currently investing in the development of their auto industry. What strategies and policies are they enacting to industrialise and to develop this specific sector? What competitive advantages are they leveraging on? What actors are leading or playing a role in the process? What are the main structural issues affecting their prospects for upgrading and for integration into the global auto value chain? What are the main weaknesses or obstacles that might rather hamper their successful development? These broad questions may guide the potential contributions. If you are interested in participating, please join the project and contact the group coordinator -

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