8th International Programme of Research of Gerpisa 
(R)Evolutions. The Post-Covid Transformations of the Global Automotive Industry

Gerpisa's 7th international programme on the “New Frontiers of the Automobile Industry” has led us to consider the transition between the old and the new paradigms of the automobile and mobility as a long and complex phenomenon, despite the 'disruptive' rhetoric that accompanies it. The electrification of the fleet, the development of the connected and autonomous vehicle, and the rise of shared mobility will, in the best case scenario, take well over a decade to assert themselves and transform the transport and automobile production/sales system.

In terms of scenarios, this implies thinking about the long-term coexistence of the two paradigms and the complex technological, economic, political and social conditions that will make the transition between the two advance, slow down or even set back. In addition to this fundamental uncertainty, the Covid 19 crisis is already having a significant impact on these developments 

The 8th international programme of research of Gerpisa aims at mapping, analysing and questioning these transformations, as well as the forms of coexistence between the old and the new paradigms. It is organised in different open working groups of research. 

It is a four years research programme starting with the international colloquium of Detroit 2022 and ending with the international colloquium of Paris 2025


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