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  1. Acerbi, B., Alboni F., Kern J., & Russo M. (2022) What can we see at the dog and pony show? Understanding actors in the EV market based on exhibitor patterns at the largest battery trade shows Gerpisa colloquium.
  2. Alochet, M., Midler C., & de Charentenay C. (2022) The Odyssey of (Dacia) Spring Gerpisa colloquium.
  3. Alochet, M., MacDuffie J. - P., & Midler C. (2022) Is software the new frontier for the Automotive-turned-Mobility Sector? Gerpisa colloquium.
  4. Alvarez, L. (2022) USMCA and electrification: How carmakers adapt production in Mexico to the new requirements. Gerpisa colloquium.
  5. Antonialli, F., Mira-Bonnardel S., & Attias D. (2022) Designing and implementing urban mobility projects: a study of the relations between urban policy makers and citizens in the context of post pandemic and climate change Gerpisa colloquium.
  6. Anzolin, G. (2022) Technological upgrade along GVCs in the digital era: the case of the automotive sector in South Africa .
  7. Arriola, E., & Carrillo J. (2022) Knowledge vs adaptation: The Industry 4.0 in the case of auto parts in Baja California and Chihuahua, Mexico Gerpisa colloquium.
  8. Baba, T. (2022) The Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Automobile Production and the Global Value Chain of Automotive Parts Gerpisa colloquium.
  9. da Bento, N. S., Borboleto W. C., & Ibusuki U. (2022) How the Tools of Quality 4.0 support the principles of TQC/TQM Gerpisa colloquium.
  10. Bez, C. S., & Virgillito M. E. (2022) Toxic pollution and employment dynamics: uncovering Europe’s left-behind places Gerpisa colloquium.
  11. Boavida, N., Candeias M., & Moniz A. (2022) The mechatronic training strategies to enable new skills for industry realignment towards industry 4.0: the case of Portugal Gerpisa colloquium.
  12. Bouquin, S. (2022) When lean production hits the wall: changing conditions of profitability for the European automotive industry. Gerpisa colloquium.
  13. Brodersen, M. (2022) Life in the last mile – Design ethnographic investigation into MAAS and automated mobility in suburban spaces Gerpisa colloquium.
  14. Brodersen, M., & Lutz P. (2022) Present tensions in an autonomous future: An ethnographic study of a shared autonomous vehicle pilot in small-town Sweden Gerpisa colloquium.
  15. Buck, C., & Watkowski L. (2022) How automotive OEMs can create platform-based ecosystems by selectively revealing boundary resources Gerpisa colloquium.
  16. Buck, C., Schönborn D., & Eyring F. (2022) Digital Transformation of the Value Chain in Tomorrow’s Automotive Industry – Analysis and Recommendation on how Software can Tackle Present and Future Challenges Gerpisa colloquium.
  17. Calabrese, G. G., & Falavigna G. (2022) The implementation of Industry 4.0 in a quasi semi-peripheral automotive country: evidence from Italy Gerpisa colloquium.
  18. Carbonell, J. S. (2022) The permanent restructuring of the French automotive industry. Industrial relations in a declining industry (2008-2022) Gerpisa colloquium.
  19. Carbonell, J. S. (2022) Using EVs to Provide Grid Electric Services: Regulatory Challenges Report on Gerpisa seminar.
  20. Carreto, J., & Patino A. (2022) Industrial Policy and Regional Development of Automotive Industry in Mexico 30th International Colloquium of Gerpisa The Auto Industry Entering a Post-pandemic World.
  21. Carrillo, J. (2022) Lean Production in Mexico Gerpisa colloquium.
  22. Cavara, R., & Zirpoli F. (2022) Organizational wrongdoing in supply chains: the emissions scandal revisited in a network perspective Gerpisa colloquium.
  23. Doellgast, V., Dupuis M., Greer I., Kirsch A., & Wheaton A. (2022) A just transition for auto workers? Electric vehicles and industry restructuring in a Transatlantic comparison Gerpisa colloquium.
  24. Domanski, B., Micek G., & Swigost-Kapocsi A. (2022) Temporary and foreign labour-force in the semi-periphery in the context of industrial upgrading: race to the bottom or necessity in Polish manufacturing Gerpisa colloquium.
  25. Doner, R., Noble G., & Ravenhill J. (2022) The Political Economy of Automotive Industrialization in East Asia Gerpisa colloquium.
  26. Flamand, M., Frigant V., Miollan S., Dimitrova Z., & Sauve H. (2022) Capturing the TIS’s knowledge production function using patent data: A methodological framework applied to the Hydrogen storage technologies Gerpisa colloquium.
  27. Gackstatter, A. U., & Goehlich V. (2022) Implementing organisational ambidexterity for a successful transformation of the automotive supply industry Gerpisa colloquium.
  28. Garibaldo.F., Rinaldini M., & Caria S. (2022) Lamborghini Urus. A case of a digitalized assembly line within the Industry 4.0 framework Gerpisa colloquium.
  29. Gerpisa (2022) From the Covid crisis to electrification: how the State is transforming the automotive industry. (1) China / US / Italy Report of the Gerpisa monthly seminar.
  30. Gerpisa (2022) From the Covid crisis to electrification: how the State is transforming the automotive industry. (2) Germany / France / Japan Report of the Gerpisa monthly seminar.
  31. Gwosdz, K., Baron M., Budka M., Hetmańczyk K., Hetmańczyk M., Sobala-Gwosdz A., et al. (2022) Does geographical proximity matter? The role of strategic coupling of automotive industry and digital entrepreneurs as the mechanism of new path creation in Polish regions Gerpisa colloquium.
  32. Heim, S. (2022) The emerging battery industry: implications for the international division of labor and geopolitics of the automotive industry Gerpisa colloquium.
  33. Heller, D. A., & Kida S. (2022) Leadership and Management of the Dealer Gemba in a Shrinking Japanese Auto Market Gerpisa colloquium.
  34. Higashi, H., & Minami S. (2022) Low-floor Tram as a disruptive innovation in public transportation sector: lessons learnt for Automotive industry Gerpisa colloquium.
  35. Hoeft, F. (2022) How thinking differently about customers leads to varying product differentiation: an analysis of automotive incumbents and new entrants Gerpisa colloquium.
  36. Jetin, B. (2022) Electric batteries and critical materials: a geopolitical analysis Gerpisa colloquium.
  37. Klier, T., & Rubenstein J. (2022) The emerging geography of electric vehicle production on North America Gerpisa colloquium.
  38. Kraus, L., Proff H., & Giesing C. (2022) Composition of a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) offer for university students based on willingness to pay (WTP) and its determinants Gerpisa colloquium.
  39. Krzywdzinski, M. (2022) Lean Production in Germany Gerpisa colloquium.
  40. Lee, J. (2022) Decarbonization in Korean automotive industry and Hyundai Motor Group’s challenge -From the perspective of a broad value chain- Gerpisa colloquium.
  41. Lepadatu, D., Janoski T., & Signoretti A. (2022) Contested Views on Lean Production from the Social Sciences Gerpisa colloquium.
  42. Lima, R., & Dulci J. A. (2022) Creating Tomorrow, Together: profit strategies of the Ford Motor Company from the perspective of comparative capitalism Gerpisa colloquium.
  43. MacDuffie, J. - P. (2022) Industrial Relations Perspective on Lean Systems, Workers, and Unions Gerpisa colloquium.
  44. Madama, S., & Mokudai T. (2022) Co-creation of digitalised aftermarket service model: A case of trucks tyres Gerpisa colloquium.
  45. Martínez Martínez, A., Guerrero E. A. P., & Santillana H. L. (2022) Challenges for Labor and Digitization in Automotive Companies located in Guanajuato, Mexico: the impact of the USMCA and the Covid-19 Gerpisa colloquium.
  46. de Mello, A. M., & de Ressurreicão M. J. (2022) Circular Business Models in Automotive Industry - A Systematic Literature Review Gerpisa colloquium.
  47. Miranda, P. A. (2022) Rethinking the qualifications and skills in middle of the industry 4.0; the case of Audi Mexico in its pilot production. Gerpisa colloquium.
  48. Mokudai, T. (2022) Innovation dynamics in car production technology: Network analysis of structural adhesives Gerpisa colloquium.
  49. Monaco, L., & Wuttke T. (2022) Developing the South African Auto Industry in a World of GVCs: Lead Firm Sourcing Strategies and Local Supplier Development Gerpisa colloquium.
  50. Monaco, L., & Bell J. (2022) 4th Industrial Revolution and Global Value Chains: Power and Technological Inequality in the South African and Thai Automotive Value Chains Gerpisa colloquium.



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