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  1. Alochet, M. (2021) Automobile industry, towards an electric autonomous mobility service industry? A sociotechnical transition-based approach Gerpisa colloquium.
  2. Alvarez, L. (2021) The automotive industry in Mexico: between the new United States-Mexico-Canada free trade agreement and the impact of the covid19 crisis Gerpisa colloquium.
  3. Andrade, R. M., & Ibusuki U. (2021) Innovation Policy of the Brazilian Automotive Industry: a comparison with Germany Gerpisa colloquium.
  4. Antonialli, F. (2021) Autonomous shuttles for collective transport: A worldwide benchmark International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management.
  5. Anzolin, G. (2021) Robotisation in the automotive sector: a study on the drivers for automation Gerpisa colloquium.
  6. Attias, D., & Mira Bonnardel S. (2021) Editorial International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management.
  7. Baba, T. (2021) How Brazilian Die/mold Cluster Birth and Progress: Joinville Mechanism Gerpisa colloquium.
  8. Black, A., Barnes J., Markowitz C., & Monaco L. (2021) Regional integration, regional value chains and the automotive industry in Sub-Saharan Africa Gerpisa colloquium.
  9. Boavida, N., Moniz A., & Candeias M. (2021) Changes in productivity and labour relations: AI in the automotive sector in Portugal Gerpisa colloquium.
  10. Bonnardel, S. M. (2021) Robomobility for collective transport: A prospective user centric view International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management.
  11. Borer, D., Tan K. L., & Tatt Shen B. C. (2021) Estimating the welfare loss due to vehicle tariffs in Malaysia International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management.
  12. Bungsche, H. (2021) Government Response to COVID-Crisis: Japan - a corporate led transformation? Gerpisa colloquium.
  13. Carbonell, J. S. (2021) Daniele Di Nunzio, Matteo Gaddi, Angelo Moro - "Lavorare in fabbrica oggi" - A Survey of Working Conditions at FCA-CNH Report of the Gerpisa monthly seminar.
  14. Carrillo, J., & De los Santos S. (2021) Industrial policies for the boost of electromobility in Mexico Gerpisa colloquium.
  15. Carrillo, J., Vallejo B., & Gomis R. (2021) COVID-19 and industrial resilience in the Global South. The case study of the auto parts sector in Mexico. Gerpisa colloquium.
  16. Castellanos, J. (2021) USMCA and the automotive industry in Mexico Gerpisa colloquium.
  17. Cavazza, B. H., De Souza T. A., Gandia R. M., Zambalde A. L., & Nicolaï I. (2021) Innovation radar for disruptive technology insertion: The case of autonomous vehicles in Brazil and France International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management.
  18. Chen, Y., Li D., & Kumar A. (2021) Collective expectations and the process of platform ecosystem creation: the case of Baidu in autonomous driving Gerpisa colloquium.
  19. Covarrubias, A. (2021) The de-territorialization of the American Auto Industry and COVID-19/I 4.0 impacts: The breaking down of the old value chains and its replacement for new Value Propositions Gerpisa colloquium.
  20. Da Silva, R. H., Armellini F., Kaminski P. C., & Beaudry C. (2021) Using text mining to extract information about sustainable mobility initiatives by automakers Gerpisa colloquium.
  21. Date, Y., & Mokudai T. (2021) Toward sustainable rural mobility by simple and low-cost solutions Gerpisa colloquium.
  22. Domanski, B., Guzik R., Gwosdz K., & Micek G. (2021) Emerging transnational manufacturers from the Central European periphery: the case of Polish automotive companies Gerpisa colloquium.
  23. Doner, R., Noble G., & Ravenhill J. (2021) The Political Economy of Automotive Industrialization in East Asia Gerpisa Monthly Seminar.
  24. Dulci, J., & Lima R. (2021) Farewell to the Factory: Ford Motor Company’s trajectory in São Bernardo do Campo (SP) Gerpisa colloquium.
  25. Dziczek, K. (2021) Government Response to COVID-Crisis: United States Gerpisa colloquium.
  26. Falk, F., Jaspers D., & Proff H. (2021) The Business Transformation of Incumbents in the Transition to new Basic Technologies Gerpisa colloquium.
  27. Flamand, M., Frigant V., Miollan S., & Dimitrova Z. (2021) Hydrogen storage solution : an assessment of its technological innovation system. Insights from patent data. Gerpisa colloquium.
  28. Gaddi, M., & Valerio S. (2021) Health at work: old and new risk factors in FCA plants before and after the pandemic Gerpisa colloquium.
  29. Gažo, P., Martišková M., & Smith T. (2021) Stakeholders' reality check: Barriers for the transformation of the Slovak and Czech automotive industries into an ecological mobility industry Gerpisa colloquium.
  30. Günthner, T., Proff H., Jovic J., & Zeymer L. (2021) Tapping into market opportunities in aging societies - The example of advanced driver assistance systems in the transition to autonomous driving International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management.
  31. Haidar, B., Vidal F., Pascal Da Costa, & Jan Lepoutre (2021) Assessment of 2021-2025-2030 CO2 standards on automakers' portfolio vehicles' segments Gerpisa colloquium.
  32. Higashi, H., Minami S., Takeuchi R., Akiyama T., & Kentaro Kiritoshi (2021) The problem of mobility in an ageing society: how to deal with an ageing driver population? Gerpisa colloquium.
  33. Hoeft, F. (2021) The case of sales in the automotive industry during the COVID-19 pandemic Strategic Change.
  34. Jaroudi, I. (2021) What is the potential impact of the transition from traditional transport to new mobility models (electric automated minibuses) in European cities? Gerpisa colloquium.
  35. Kawabe, Y. (2021) COVID-19 transforms new auto parts manufacturing technology and value chain by changing Indonesian policy in ASEAN Gerpisa colloquium.
  36. Kawabe, Y. (2021) FCEV trends in Asia (Japan / China), future technical development direction that can be assumed from the current concept and the impact of Covid-19 Gerpisa colloquium.
  37. Klebaner, S. (2021) Connecting mobility and industrial policy and the acceptability of the transition. Lessons from France Gerpisa colloquium.
  38. Klier, T., & Rubenstein J. (2021) From ICE to EV: conceptualizing changes to powertrain sourcing Gerpisa colloquium.
  39. Krzywdzinski, M., & Lechowski G. (2021) The COVID-crisis and the future of automotive production in Germany: early insights into response strategies by the government, industry, and labor Gerpisa colloquium.
  40. Lechowski, G., Krzywdzinski M., & Thomann M. (2021) Impacts of the COVID-crisis on automotive production in Germany: industrial restructuring, government intervention, and trade union positions Journée du Gerpisa.
  41. Lepadatu, D., & Signoretti A. (2021) Contested Views of Lean Production from the Social Sciences Perspective Gerpisa colloquium.
  42. Lu, S., Belzowski B. M., Chen R., & Muniz S. T. G. (2021) The willingness to pay for electric range by the consumer of electric vehicles: a regional comparison Gerpisa colloquium.
  43. Lüthje, B. (2021) Government Response to COVID-Crisis: China Gerpisa colloquium.
  44. Lüthje, B. (2021) Going digital, going green: Changing production networks in the automotive industry in China International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management.
  45. Madama, S., & Mokudai T. (2021) Toward connected aftermarket supply and service chain: A case of tire-related services for national truck fleet customers. Gerpisa colloquium.
  46. Martínez Martínez, A. (2021) Digitalization strategy implementation before and after Covid-19: the case of GKN Mexico Gerpisa colloquium.
  47. de Mello, A. M., de Souza J. V. R., Marx R., de Gomes L. A. V., Wu C., & Hua W. A. N. G. (2021) From Innovation in Supply Chains to Innovation in Ecosystems: The case of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles Innovative Business Model in Shanghai Gerpisa colloquium.
  48. Monaco, L. (2021) Doner, Noble, Ravenhill - The Political Economy of Automotive Industrialization in East Asia Report of the Gerpisa monthly seminar.
  49. Monaco, L. (2021) BALCET, WANG, ZHANG - New trends and strategies of Chinese carmakers: the case of Geely Report of the Gerpisa monthly seminar.
  50. Monaco, L. (2021) The Battery Industry in China Report of the Gerpisa monthly seminar.

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