International colloquium of Gerpisa 2021 Programme

The transformations of the global automotive industry: digitalisation, ecological transition and the impact of the Covid 19 crisis

  • The 29th International Colloquium of Gerpisa takes place virtually on zoom. All the presentations are recorded and will be available below by the 8th of June 2021.
  • In the parallel sessions a discussant from the International Steering Committee of Gerpisa will resume the presentations and launch the discussion with the participants before opening the Q&A to the audience. 
  • Instructions on how to record and upload presentations are available here: 
  • Plenaries will be brodacasted live on youtube. 
  • The zoom links for plenaries and parallel sessions will be sent to all participants and members. If you are not a members and you want to participate via zoom you can register online here
  • Times are displayed in UTC 2 Paris zone, if you want to display the hours of the colloquium in your time zone: log in with your user account, edit your account, change the time zone at the bottom of the user account page.


Monday 14th of June

Tuesday 15th of June

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Friday 18th of June

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