Incoming Business Models on Covid era: The Connected and Autonomous Vehicles ripple effect

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2021)


Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, COVID-19, Data management business, Mobility as a Service, Mobility technology, New Business


In recent decades the innovation in technology has transformed the lifestyle. In a global economy, companies use technology to reduced costs and increase their capabilities to provide service for their customers. The continuous progress in the automation and connectivity of vehicles have had an extensive impact on mobility. However, Covid-19 has accelerated the societal changes on behavior and, subsequently, business requirements. The technological evolution jointly with the pandemic irruption is affecting business models. Nowadays is basic a continuous analysis of the competitiveness and the higher agility of the mobility system to adopt buying patterns and new customers’ needs. The change in psychosocial patterns and the effects associated with Covid-19 related to purchasing and delivering towards a service will be favored by the irruption of platforms that can offer a more efficient service. These platforms can incorporate data management due to the interconnection of vehicles to be located in geographic areas that have real-time needs. This data management provided by interconnected vehicles, will constitute a business in itself to be implemented in different areas: infrastructure management, customer interfaces, carriers and an endless number of related businesses. These innovations will also have implications in area services, suggesting new roles, and services related to logistics and purchasing, as well as take-out services. The potential change makes it necessary alliances between technology companies, MaaS, logistics companies and service areas, among others. This document delves into the influence and effect of Covid-19 onto the CAVs implementation, and into the relationship between new business and CAVs. Especially, the expected interaction between the M-a-a-S trend and CAVs after the Covid-19 pandemic.


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