Chrysler's Re-invention: The Fiat Way

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Berlin (2010)




This presentation will examine the lead up to the bankruptcy of Chrysler in 2009, and its subsequent management by Fiat. Besides its recent history, I will discuss the challenges Fiat faces as it tries to incorporate Chrysler into its global ambitions, and the changes that will take place in the Chrysler fleet in the U.S. The challenges are plentiful including: the financial challenges Chrysler/Fiat face as it combines the two company's products, the proposed product changes in both companies, the company's ability to meet more stringent fuel economy and emission regulations, Chrysler's dealer and supplier relations, Chrysler's integration into Fiat's global ambitions, and Fiat's ability to manage Chrysler. I will also examine Labor's new role as part owner of the company, and how this may affect current and future negotiations. Finally, I will discuss how the Chrysler-Fiat merger represents a unique blend of country and company culture that may hinder or facilitate its future success.

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