The Italian Government’s industrial policies in the automotive sector

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Journal Article


International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management, Volume 23, Number 1, p.22 – 41 (2023)



Automotive industry, Automotive sector, employment, Employment levels, Industrial employment, Industrial plants, Industrial policies, Industrial structures, Italian automotive industry, Italian national recovery and resilience plan, Production level, Public interventions, public policy, Stellantis


The automotive industry is undergoing a dramatic structural change that are potentially harbingers of serious industrial and employment consequences, calling for prompt and effective public intervention. It is necessary to determine what type of public intervention needs to be implemented and for what objectives. The focus of the present paper is Italy. Starting from a description of the evolution of production and employment levels in the last 30 years, it aims to analyse the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, singling out the measures that might affect the sector. Secondly, the papers deal with the FCA-PSA merger and Stellantis industrial plant and its consequences for Italy’s industrial structure and employment levels. The aim of the paper is to analyse the Italian Government’s industrial policies and highlight that these policies do not seem able to address the problems of the automotive sector. Copyright © 2023 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.

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