The conversions of Carlos Tavares

To launch Stellantis, which he will manage for at least 5 years, Carlos Tavares gave a very enthusiastic and optimistic speech the week of January 18th, seeking to convince that it will be possible to generate the announced synergies while keeping the two key commitments made: not to eliminate brands and not to close factories. Backed by 2020 results which, like those unveiled by VW the same week, will probably be very flattering, the credibility of this speech is associated with proven technological and industrial levers during Opel's recovery. However, it should not detract from the importance that public support for manufacturers has had in preserving their profitability in the crisis. The post-Covid period may therefore see the question of overcapacities reappear.
The automobile industry does not tire of surprising those who observe it and try not to let themselves be swayed by the successive admitted truths that are the hallmark of its history. Insofar as these changing truths can be formulated by the same tenors with the same assurance, unchanged, one is nevertheless prompted to wonder how what was true yesterday ceases to be true today and what can explain why the same leaders have been able to claim in a few years everything and the opposite of everything.
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Les conversions de Carlos Tavares

Pour lancer Stellantis qu’il dirige pour 5 ans au moins, Carlos Tavares a tenu la semaine du 18 janvier un discours très enthousiaste et optimiste qui cherche à convaincre qu’il lui sera possible de dégager les synergies annoncées tout en tenant les deux engagement clés pris : ne pas supprimer de marques et ne pas fermer d’usines. Adossé à des résultats 2020 qui, comme ceux dévoilés par VW la même semaine, seront probablement très flatteurs, la crédibilité de ce discours est associée à des leviers technologiques et industriels éprouvés lors du redressement de Opel. Il ne doit toutefois pas obérer l’importance que le soutien public aux constructeurs a eu pour préserver leur profitabilité dans la crise. L’après Covid risque dès lors de voir reposée la question des surcapacités.
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