Europe as an intermodal mobility leader – why, how, and what could be the socioeconomic effects?

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Brussels (2023)


The European Green Deal presents a strategic platform for Europe to maintain global leadership in mobility by pioneering the transition to an intermodal transportation system. Embracing such a systemic shift is critical for the European mobility sector to sufficiently minimize its material footprint and align with the Paris Climate Agreement targets, whilst continuing to satisfy the mobility needs of European citizens. Systemiq has explored potential strategies for implementing an innovative, circular, and intermodal mobility ecosystem encompassing digital transformations and policy reforms that could unlock an estimated economic return of USD 247 billion by 2030. To understand the socioeconomic effects of this transition we analysed policies addressing re- and upskilling, labour mobility, transport poverty and other potential just transition interventions. We find that such a mobility shift will have disruptive effects, but with appropriate just transition and cohesion measures, presents a strategic platform for Europe to maintain its global leadership in mobility, improve its societal wellbeing, and reduce its material footprint.

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