Influence on used cars trade from Japan, which is brought about by port promotion policies : Case of Fushiki-Toyama Port and Kobe Port

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Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2019)


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Port logistics is part of the global value chain of used car exports. Therefore, it is obvious that the port promotion and development policies affects international distribution of used cars. However, the relationship between the port promotion policies and the international distribution of used cars has not been discussed much.
Okada (2010) reported that the incorporation of the used car export business to the port promotion plan and its purpose as a case of Kobe port. Fukuda · Asazuma · Fujisaki (2014) analyzed characteristics of used car trade at each port according to trade statistics of the Ministry of Finance and pointed out that the ports of the Sea of Japan side is biased about destination of cargo than the port of the Pacific side. Okamoto (2012) picked up in case of used car trade at Fushiki-Toyama Port as example of local port and considered the position in the port economy. Okamoto (2015) organized the position of used car trade in the port economy in Hanshin port (Kobe and Osaka port) as example of large-scale port. Okamoto and Fukuda (2017) analyzed transition and influence of customs policies for second-hand car exports in the period of Japan's post-war.
These studies had clarified the relationship between the agglomeration of traders around the port and the scale of trade, and the influence of port promotion policies on trade at each port. But after comparing between ports, It has not been clarified what kind of port promotion plan influenced for used car trade , and what kind of port promotion plan made difference each port in used car trade. This study aims to clarify these point.
As a research method, we will use quantitative data from the Ministry of Finance trade statistics, and use the result of interview with the port transporter and exporters as qualitative data. The research area to be investigated is Fushiki-Toyama Port as an example of the regional port and Kobe Port as the example of the large-scale port.
Fushiki-Toyama Port is a local port facing Japan Sea. The scale of used car trade is 37357 units (2018), and destination of cargo is biased toward Russia. Kobe Port is a large-scale port located on the Pacific side of Japan. The scale of used car trade is 132237 units (2018), and there is no bias in destination of cargo.
At ports other than Fushiki-Toyama Port, the number of used car exports to Russia declined greatly in 2009, and it did not recover thereafter. On the other hand, at Fushiki-Toyama Port, although the number of second-hand car exports to Russia declined sharply in 2009, it recovered afterwards. And now Fushiki-Toyama port became outstanding port. Because scale of used car trade toward to Russia is especially bigger than other port. As a background to bringing about this, it is assumed that exporters valued the port promotion policies for attraction of regular lines highly. And they evaluated low communication cost highly too.
At Kobe Port, the number of units exported in 2001 was 17398 units, which has increased more than seven times over after 17 years. It is assumed that this large growth is made by the port promotion policies emphasizing attracting companies which was adopted by the port administrator Kobe City authorities.

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