Structuring new automotive industries, restructuring old automotive industries and the new geopolitics of the global automotive sector

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2012)


The right question for us is to translate this too general topic in research questions that can help us clarifying what structural changes are taking place:
  • Within this industry
  • In terms of balance of power
  • Between different world regions
  • Between different firms
  • Between different parts of the value chain
In terms of characteristics or definition of the industry
  • What products ?
  • For which clients ?
  • With which technologies ?
  • Between this industry and the rest of the economies

To draw the main trends identified by the previous program’s works and by the papers presented in Krakow

  • Through the traditional GERPISA’s “trichotomy” between
  • Product policies
  • Productive organization
  • Employment relationship
By adding a more explicit political dimension, intended as the place where the actors search/produce an emerging and problematic coherence
  • Between supply side and demand side answers given to the main questions risen by the global restructuring/structuring process
  • Between global and local trends
To propose a set of hypothesis and research questions to structure a collective work for the next four years

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