Innovation and technological competence building in Brazilian automotive industry subsidiaries from the perspective of inter-organizational networks

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2012)


Brazilian automotive industry, Competence development, innovation management, Inter-organizational networks


The present study analyzes the trajectories of Brazilian Automotive Industry (BAI) subsidiaries in their development of technological and innovation capabilities from the perspective of the inter-organizational network relationships. The text starts discussing the main concepts on inter-organizational networks. Following, it is approached some historical aspects of automotive industry from the perspective of inter-organizational networks and the typical trajectory of technological capabilities building performed by a BAI subsidiary is described, in which each step is associated to maturity and diversification of inter-organizational relationships. Three main types of network relationships are identified: corporation, supply chain and institutions from science and technology infrastructure. Three real cases illustrate the discussion and are explored in greater depth. We conclude that the consolidation of BAI subsidiaries as innovation centers with expertise in technology and product conception requires a set of external relationships to be structured. This task demands a clear strategic intent for systematic innovation; understanding the dynamics of network typologies in which the company are inserted on and the trajectory of inter-organizational relationships involved and; dealing accordingly with specific challenges imposed by each type of network.

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