The emergence of new automotive industries

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Previous GERPISA conference studies and communications have already dealt with production growth and, to a lesser extent, the rise of the Brazilian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Russian, Thai and East European markets. Accumulating material in these crucial areas remains a priority but it is essential that we try in 2012 to improve our apprehension of the emergence processes at work here and the mechanisms that drive them.

Towards this end and without neglecting the need for empirical studies, we will be paying special attention to communications that offer an analytical and social comparison perspective. The goal here is to situate with respect one another past and present development issues taking place in different world regions. A second goal is to determine if (and to what extent) European, Japanese and Korean precedents can elucidate the current stage of global automotive history.

Thus, questions pertaining to the link between local supply, demand and design - and the forms that they assume depending on the period in question, the country, the political, economic, industrial, commercial and fiscal policy or investors’ origins - should clearly be analysed or least presented in proposed studies.

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