Load carriers for battery cell production – Implementing the logistics development into the integrated product and process development

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Kyoto (2014)


In recent years the shift from conventionally fueled to electrically powered cars has notably gained momentum. Not only due to rising gas prices and environmental damage related to rising CO2-levels but also because of improving quality, driving experience and range expectations of new electric vehicles hitting the markets. One major issue remains unsolved: Achieving competitive prices in spite of the high costs for traction batteries. Besides product and production process improvement a non-negligible, but often underestimated cost-factor can be found in logistics.

In many battery productions, the production equipment for the entire process chain is not being sourced from a single supplier. Often highly specialized companies only have the competence for single or few processes technologies. Therefore, the production technology is not continuous and neither are the logistics systems. Non value-adding elements in the value chain arise from handling processes between load carriers. Another challenge lies in the bound capital of the load carriers due to high production numbers of the battery cells and time-consuming process steps such as formatting and aging.

This paper assesses the possibilities and the method of an early implementation of the load carrier development in the integrated product and process development to address both these issues. Knowing the implications on the logistics costs already while designing the product itself and the manufacturing process also allows to determine requirements for product, process and the load carriers in particular. The decision whether or not a resulting requirement is applied to the product, the process or the load carrier is based on a cost analysis between design alternatives.

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