Are Chinese regulations shaping the global deployment of the EVs industry?

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


Marc Alochet


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2020)


China, emissions regulations, EV, EV industry, EV scale-up, NEV


The Chinese automotive market is the most important in absolute terms and, more particularly, for EVs. While EV scale up is underway and most emission regulations set CO2 and pollutant emission thresholds for sales qualification, Chinese regulations also impose performance targets for battery systems and vehicles.
As the number of these performance criteria increases from year to year and each one becomes more stringent, we ask ourselves: what is the impact of Chinese regulations on the global deployment of the EV industry?
On the basis of a longitudinal study, over a decade, of Chinese NEV regulations and policies, we answer this question by assessing, for some BEVs already on the market, their resistance to Chinese regulations.
Finally, extrapolating the recent dynamics of the evolution of these criteria, and considering the mid-term tendency to ICEVs banning, we hypothesize that Chinese regulations could shape the worldwide deployment of the EVs industry.


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