Hommage à Michel Freyssenet. Bruno Jetin

The theory of productive models will be a reference for generations to come.
Bruno Jetin, University of Brunei Darussalam, Institute of Asian Studies

Dear colleagues and friends
It was with great sadness that I learned of Michel's death.
His death was brutal and premature. All his life, he was passionate about research. He never stopped looking for answers to essential questions through theoretical reasoning. I believe that his contribution resides in the elaboration of a general theory of the company capable of explaining all the past and present strategies of car manufacturers, which can also help to anticipate possible futures. Conceived with Robert Boyer, the theory of productive models is an indeniable step forward in the understanding of socio-technical revolutions, wage relations, work organization, business strategies and the role of the State which goes far beyond the car industry. It extends and completes the theory of regulation by integrating the meso and micro economic and social levels. This theory of productive models will survive it and will be a reference for generations to come.
Michel attached great importance to the scientific debate. I remember that, not being convinced or satisfied by the concept of "compromise", which is at the heart of productive models, he kept looking for arguments to change my mind, while we walked side by side during the major demonstrations of 1995. In the end, we had found a "compromise".
Michel was also an organizer. GERPISA, a unique network of its kind, owes him a great deal for its ability to open up to other disciplines and other countries in a context of uninterrupted budgetary restrictions. This network has succeeded in renewing its themes and including new generations. Michel had succeeded in passing the torch and in passing on the responsibilities to younger researchers. In recent years, he had stepped back so as not to interfere with GERPISA's activities. Few recognized researchers are capable of that.
I am sure that all current and past GERPISA researchers will find an inexhaustible source of inspiration in the many publications that Michel leaves us as a legacy.
My thoughts go out to Elsie, who also contributed so much to GERPISA, and to the other members of Michel's family. I know that they are going through a difficult period and I hope that they will find comfort in the many testimonies of the high esteem in which we hold Michel.
From Borneo, Bruno Jetin

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