Abandoned vehicles problem in Pacific Ocean islands countries

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Conference Paper


Shioji, H.


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2018)


This paper clarifies the causes of the increase of abandoned vehicles in Pacific Ocean Islands
Countries. We find firstly that there are many abandoned vehicles without properly scrapped. This means
that the abandoned vehicles discharge the harmful materials into the atmosphere and ground. Secondly the
reason why the vehicle owners abandoned their vehicle is that the profitability of the scrapping and
recycling business are very low. Thirdly the reason of the low profitability of the scrapping and recycling
business results from the social, economic and geographical handicaps. These handicaps are the smallness,
long distance and dispersiveness of the countries. Fourthly we define the countries with these handicaps as
“the Country with Difficulties in Automobile Recycling.” It is impossible for the Country with Difficulties
in Automobile Recycling to complete the full scrapping and recycling process. Therefore the scrapping and
recycling business has been shrinking. As a result of that, the numbers of abandoned vehicles continue
Our proposals consist of four basic proposals. Core one is related with the improvement of economic
profitability of the scrapping firms. In order to improve the economic profitability of the scrapping firms,
we have to present special proposals to overcome the handicaps with which the Pacific Islands Countries
Other three basic proposals are related to overcome these handicaps. The first basic proposal is to offer
the incentives to the owners to bring their disused vehicles to the scrapping factories. Second basic proposal
is to remove thoroughly the accumulated and long term abandoned vehicles by utilizing the Japan
Automobile Recycling Center’s special fund. The last one, the fourth basic proposal is that Japanese
government establishes the Buying and Bringing Back Center, which buy the recycle materials and used
parts from the scrapping firm and bring back them to Japan. At the same time this Center controls whole
process of recycling scheme.

Keywords: Automobile recycling, Pacific Irelands, Country with Difficulties in Automobile Recycling.

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