The case study of the results, considerations and management in the autonomous system in mountain and coastal area

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2017)


Autonomous boat, autonomous vehicles, New Biz


The companies in automobile industries are currently moving desperately towards autonomous driving system. From this situation, safety risk management would definitely become more important in the industries. The days that ISO26262 and STAMP/STPA being prioritized for the industries are now getting closer, as the safety factor is rapidly acknowledged by people.
Therefore, the target of this research will base on the 4 by 4 mobility and the boats currently operated in the coastal area. The focal place for this research would be the tourist attraction with the outstanding traffic situation.
The safety policy will study STAMP/STPA could also be used in this area as the tool to analyze every types of boats currently in used. The results of the analysis could lead to more safety for the 4 by 4 mobility in mountain area and marine transportation for tourists in the coastal area.
For this research, we would like to make a new biz and safety management using STAMP/STPA as a tool to analyze the data.  
For example, Despite focusing only in the possibility of developing the project to the mass production for marine transportation using AIS (Automatic Identification System) in hotel and resort businesses or other uses, this research also focus on the study for safety risk management.
In conclusion, this research aiming to apply the Autonomous Mobility idea to develop the vehicle with autonomous system with wide range of use for recreational and other purposes in coastal area, where the road conditions improvement are still in need .

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