The History of "Japanese Car Service Industry"

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Conference Paper


Hideki Ogawa


Gerpisa colloquium, Kyoto (2014)


The unique dual structure of the Japanese car service industry was initiated during the World War Two period.
The first type is operated by the car industry distribution channels: vehicle dealers and manufacturers. The second type is based upon independently owned automobile repair workshops including family sized business.

The origin of the first type owes much to passenger vehicle import and distribution channel between the two world war led by auto manufacturers. The second type dates back to the demand by local industries; mainly known as bicycle repair shops which developed into small family car repair and distribution exclusively; the small family car industry has played a major role in this extent. During the war period it is obvious that: vehicle population growth gradually increased ; the utilization of small family car was supported by small family car sales and repair industry; consequences are that after the war passenger vehicle business and small family car industry did not follow the same path and developed into two different sectors respectively.

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