Construction of new transportation system by autonomous mobility: policy focusing on barrier-free by an aging society and economics growth through an increase in inbound tourists

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Conference Paper


Hori, Ayano


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2018)


Along with globalization in recent years, the inbound business has developed worldwide.
In the tourism industry, it is not a trip like a traditional packaged tour, a high value-added
travel aiming at FIT and SIT tailored to the needs of each user is required. It is a good trend
for barrier-free travel.
But the problem is the safety of elderly people and handicaps on mobility and information
aspects. A trip to a land unfamiliar to them is the high risk of accidents due to less
information because of movement in a wheelchair or deterioration of visual and auditory
functions. So a new transport plan that sharing elderly people, visiting customers, and local
customers linked with barrier-free is indispensable.
Japan has become an aging society since 1970 and changed into an aged society in 1994.
Therefore, the progress towards relatively aging society is quick and we are lagging behind
barrier-free. There are some similarities also in Thailand, ASEAN, a tourism power. The
aging of Thailand is proceeding, and the proportion of elderly people in 2015 is high as
15.79% .Although it is a land blessed with nature, if it is not safe, the share of elderly people
and handicaps will not grow.With the increase in the driver's license holding rate of elderly
aged over 75 years old from 2365533 in 2005 to 5325261 in 2018, there are a number of
human accidents caused by elderly people .
What is expected is a company of Autonomous Mobility, a new transportation system
established in Thailand. Actually operate on a beautiful island called Krabi in Thailand. By
introducing a new transportation system like Autonomous Mobility, it will be possible for
every tourist to go to "where I want to go" without considering road conditions and the safety
of sidewalks. For example, it is possible to solve the problem of safety due to leg disability
such as the elderly and the information aspect of visiting customers and to spend
Together with the sightseeing of future promising automatic driving system business, that is,
a new transportation system + FIT · SIT traveling, a journey with safety + functionality is
realized. We propose a new business thinking about products from the viewpoint of
convenience, what we want to feel in tourist spots.

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