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  1. Alochet (2020) Slides - Marc ALOCHET - Are Chinese regulations shaping the deployment of the global EV industry? .
  2. Alochet, M. (2020) Are Chinese regulations shaping the global deployment of the EVs industry? Gerpisa colloquium.
  3. Álvarez, L., & Negrete V. (2020) Automotive clusters and industry 4.0 in Mexico Gerpisa colloquium.
  4. Anzolin, G., Andreoni A., & Zanfei A. (2020) Robot adoption and FDI driven transformation in the automotive industry International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management.
  5. Baba, T. (2020) Changes in the Auto Parts Global Value Chain between 2000 and 2018 Gerpisa colloquium.
  6. Carbonell, J. S. (2020) Marc Alochet - Technological breaks and industry dynamics. The transition towards electro-mobility Report of the Gerpisa monthly seminar.
  7. Carbonell, J. S. (2020) Yoann Demoli (UVSQ, PRINTEMPS) et Pierre Lannoy (ULB, METICES), What is the impact of COVID and of the economic crisis on "new mobilities"? Report of the Gerpisa monthly seminar.
  8. Carrillo, J., De los Santos S., Covarrubias L., Gomis R., & Matus M. (2020) Are engineers able to transit to Industry 4.0 in the automotive sector? The case of Baja California in Mexico Going Digital.
  9. Castellanos, J. (2020) Changes in new value chains in North America. Gerpisa colloquium.
  10. Chávez, A., & Lara A. (2020) The diversity of agents and patent thicket evolution in electric vehicles International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management.
  11. Colombari, R., Geuna A., Helper S., Martins R., Paolucci E., Ricci R., et al. (2020) Digital Transformation of the Italian and US Automotive Supply Chains: Evidence from Survey Data Gerpisa colloquium.
  12. Covarrubias, A. V. (2020) Going digital. The long road of the automotive industry towards its last revolution Gerpisa colloquium.
  13. Covarrubias, A. V., & Ramírez Pérez S. M. (2020) New Frontiers of the Automobile Industry. Exploring Geographies, Technology, and Institutional Challenges Palgrave Studies of Internationalization in Emerging Markets. Palgrave Macmillan
  14. Dijk, M. (2020) The electrification of car mobility in the Netherlands (1995 – 2015): evidence of a transition pathway Gerpisa colloquium.
  15. Domanski, B., & Gwosdz K. (2020) The digitalisation of industry in the semi-periphery: the evidence from the Polish automotive sector Gerpisa colloquium.
  16. Fernandez, M. (2020) The deployment of fuel cell electric vehicles in Japan: revolution or transition? International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management.
  17. Goracinova, E. (2020) Path transformation in Baden-Württemberg's automotive industry: a growing divide? Gerpisa colloquium.
  18. Havas, A., & Weber M. K. (2020) Disruptive changes and policy governance modes: the case of automobile industry and new mobility services Gerpisa colloquium.
  19. Hoeft, F. (2020) Assessing organisational capabilities of incumbent car manufacturers in light of current influencing factors Gerpisa colloquium.
  20. Ibusuki, U. (2020) COVID-19 and the Digital Transformation in Brazilian Companies .
  21. Jeong, J. H., Kim C., & Jo H. J. (2020) Detecting a Dynamic Change in Latecomer Hyundai Motor with the Quasi-vertically Integrated Modular Sourcing System: A Path Breaking or Path Dependence? Gerpisa colloquium.
  22. Jetin, B. (2020) Who will control the electric vehicle market? International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management.
  23. Kawabe, Y. (2020) Research on New value chains by using global FTAs and minimizing investment manufacturing policy tear 2 supplier for globalization based on digitalization Gerpisa colloquium.
  24. Klier, T. (2020) Slides - Thomas KLIER - Overview of the U.S. auto industry : the big picture .
  25. Klier, T., & Rubenstein J. (2020) ICE Age Geography; Powertrain Production in Europe and North America Gerpisa colloquium.
  26. Kosaka, G. (2020) Do supplier associations foster transactional relationships between automakers and suppliers? Evidence from Japan Gerpisa colloquium.
  27. Krzywdzinski, M. (2020) Automation, digitalization, and changes in occupational structures in the automobile industry in Germany, the United States and Japan Gerpisa colloquium.
  28. Lannoy, P. (2020) Un virus qui dé-mobilise ? Quelques réflexions libres sur les « nouvelles » et les « anciennes » mobilités en temps de pandémie Journée du Gerpisa 257.
  29. da Lima, R. J. C., & Dulci J. A. (2020) The impact of Inovar-Auto on industrial employment and the closure of the Ford plant in São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil Gerpisa colloquium.
  30. Madama, S., & Mokudai T. (2020) Challenges in the implementation of digitalized information-sharing collaboration in the downstream decentralized supply chain. Gerpisa colloquium.
  31. Martinez, A. M. (2020) Challenges of the digitalization strategy implementation, the experience of GKN – Mexico Gerpisa colloquium.
  32. Mercer, G. A. (2020) The Four Horsemen of the Carpocalypse: A View from the USA Gerpisa colloquium. NADA
  33. Mercer, G. A. (2020) What Just Happened? Or didn't: a Personal Perspective on Three Decades of Forecasting Change in Automotive Gerpisa colloquium. Glenn Mercer
  34. Mercer, G. A. (2020) The ongoing evolution of the (American) new car dealership system, in a changing world Gerpisa colloquium. NADA
  35. Minami, S., & Higashi H. (2020) Strategy of MaaS Platformer -relation with pricing strategy- Gerpisa colloquium.
  36. Mokudai, T., Schaede C., Müller M., & Schroeder M. (2020) Digital technologies as lean augmentation: Preliminary study of Japanese Automotive manufacturers Gerpisa colloquium.
  37. Mokudai, T. (2020) Strategic flexibility in shifting to electrification: a real options reasoning perspective on Toyota and Nissan International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management.
  38. Mordue, G., & Carey J. (2020) Can Industry 4.0 Spur Upgrading in the Automotive Semi-Periphery? Lessons from Canada Gerpisa colloquium.
  39. Mordue, G. (2020) Shifting patterns in the application of industrial policy International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management.
  40. Moretti, A., Perri A., Silvestri D., & Zirpoli F. (2020) Patterns of digital innovative activities in complex product industries: a patent analysis of the global automotive industry Gerpisa colloquium.
  41. OLEJNICZAK, T., Milosz M., & ITOHISA M. (2020) Between closure and Industry 4.0: strategies of Japanese automotive manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe in reaction to labour market changes International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management.
  42. Pardi, T., & Calabrese G. G. (2020) Editorial International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management.
  43. Pardi, T. (2020) Perspectives, contradictions et conséquences de l'électrification de l'industrie automobile européenne Journées du Gerpisa.
  44. Pardi, T. (2020) Everything must change for everything to stay the same? Prospects and contradictions of the electrification of the European automotive industry Gerpisa colloquium.
  45. Pavlínek, P. (2020) Restructuring, internationalization and geographic change in the European automotive industry Gerpisa colloquium.

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