Changes in new value chains in North America.

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2020)


Is it possible to deal with the issue of the architecture of new value chains without first having addressed the issue of the USMCA?
Is it possible to deal with the issue of digitalization, globalization, de-globalization and the future of work without having attended to the USMCA issue?

From the point of view of what happens in Mexico, from before the serious problem of the Covid-19, which changes expectations, and under the understanding that in this country who decides on the issues of architecture of the old and new value chains They are, mainly, the management of the automakers and, subsequently, those of the auto parts factories.

In both cases, in Mexico, they are controlled by foreign companies, basically North American, Japanese, German, Korean, and today, with increasing importance, Chinese.

Based on this first idea, the considerations towards the study in Mexico of the development of value chains are minimal or nil. The role of the automakers and auto parts companies established in Mexico is decided in the intelligence centers that are located in the countries that own the capital of these companies.

Due to this situation, the study of value chains in Mexico should focus on addressing the extent to which changes in the USMCA affect them. A first hypothesis suggests that the changes to the USMCA proposed by the United States, in addition to Trump's perverse political game, which cannot be ignored, are to stop China's advance in the penetration of the country in the automotive industry, from automakers ( JAC) up to auto parts. And, of course, the increasing advancement in the last 25 years of the Japanese, German and Korean automakers and auto parts companies, which have replaced the North American ones in practically all areas of the automotive industry.
The paper will address the progress or changes in the USMCA that may affect the value chains in which Mexico operates.

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