Virtual Gerpisa conference instructions

If you want to participate to the virtual conference 2020 here are the instructions:

1) Create an account on if you have not already.

2) Submit a proposal on the call for papers webpage before the extended deadline 15/04/2020:

If your proposal is accepted you must:

3) Upload a full paper before the 30th of May if you want to be considered for the International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management or for the Young Author Prize (more details on the call for papers: To upload files you have to edit your proposal (the link for editing is sent to you by email when your proposal is approved).

4) Upload slides and/or paper and a video of your presentation by the 5th of June 2020 to be included in the conference. See instructions below:

5) Instructions on how to make the video of your presentation

Videos should not be longer than 20 minutes and shorter videos are welcome. The most straightforward way to record such a video is to record both your face (through your webcam) in a corner of the screen and your slides on powerpoint. You start the recording, you talk and you go through your slides and you end the recording once you have finished. There are different free softwares that can help doing this:

For mac os users:
- you can follow this procedure to record both your face and your slides on powerpoint in real time with quicktime (watch the all video to get the float part which is important):
- you can also use the loom platform and software to do this: - It is a free software.
- you can also use OBS open source software to do this: - a tutorial here:

Videos can be edited directly with quicktime, online with loom, and on OBS with OBS or with quicktime if you prefer.

For windows users:
- you can use the loom platform and software to record your video: - It is a free software quite straightforward to use.
- you can also use OBS open source software to record your video: - a tutorial here:

Videos can be edited online with loom, and directly on OBS with OBS.

6) Instruction on how to upload the video of your presentation:

- Once your video is done you should upload online. You can create a free account on youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, etc. in order to so. If you have created your video with loom is already online.
- Once you have uploaded the video you can now "share" it and amongst the share option you have the "embed" option. Copy the code from the embed option.
- Edit your proposal on
- Paste the embed code in the video section of the proposal
- Change the iframe width to 180
- Submit your proposal
- Congratulation: your video is online!

7) When comments will be posted under your presentation (only registered users will be able to post comments) you will receive an email from

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