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International Roundtable on the EV Battery industry and its implications for the Future of Work / Keynote / 01/2023 / K. Dziczek / T. Pardi / M. Alochet / T. Klier

There are more than 300 new gigafactories in the pipeline for the next ten years for a total forecast capacity of more than 8 Terawatt hours, roughly equivalent to 800,000 new direct jobs. In less than a decade, the EV battery industry will replace the conventional powertrain industry as one of the main employer of the automotive sector.

The purpose of this international roundtable is to start a collective discussion within the Gerpisa international network on the consequences of this dramatic transformation of the automotive sector for the future of work and employment.

The roundtable is chaired by Thomas Klier, Senior Economist and Economic Advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.
The participants are:

Kristin Dziczek, policy advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Boy Lüthje, professor at the Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou (SYSU)
Marc Alochet, associated researcher at the Ecole Polytechnique (CRG)
Tommaso Pardi, director of Gerpisa and senior researcher at the CNRS


International Monthly Seminar / 12/2022 / Stephen Bouquin / When lean production hits the wall: changing conditions of profitability for the automotive industry

Speaker: Stephen Bouquin, Centre Pierre Naville
For the automotive industry, the last decade was synonym of growing challenges of all kinds. From hardening normative frameworks regarding pollution to technological innovation (industry 4.0, digitization, electrification) as well as structural shifts in demand for new (and used) cars. Of course, not all firms where confronted in the same way to these challenges. Still, our main hypothesis is that these challenges became so important that lean production reached its limits and won’t be able to sustain profitability in a sufficient way without a sharp reduction of labor costs and a deep internal reorganization of capital itself.


Journée du Gerpisa. 12/22. B. Jullien & J. Gombault / Dynamique des parcs et dynamique des business aval:

Dynamique des parcs et dynamique des business aval: les enjeux de l'electrification
Bernard Jullien, Université de Bordeaux
Jocelyn Gombault, Observatoire de l'Automobile, ANFA


International Monthly Seminar / 11/2022 / Adriana Marotti / Heike Proff / The Auto Industry and the Circular Economy: a Global South perspective

Adriana Marotti de Mello, is associate professor at the School of Economics and Business at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Her research interests include Circular Economy, Sustainable Transitions and Technological Transformation in Automotive Industry. She is Editor in Chief of REGE (Revista de Gestão).

Heike Proff has a Chair in General Business Administration & International Automotive Management at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Duisburg, Germany. Her reseach interests are Strategic and International Management, especially the transformation of the automotive industry, including mobility ecosystems, business models and the circular economy. She is in the steering committee of Gerpisa (The International Network of the Automobile) and in the PVMI (Program on Vehicle and Mobility Innovation).


International Monthly Seminar / 10/2022 / Son Ray, ICRIER, India / Global Value Chains from Autos and EVs: Experience of India

Saon Ray, ICRIER, India
Lorenza Monaco, GERPISA, ENS Paris-Saclay, IDHES

Global value chains (GVCs) are fraught with the phenomenon of fragmentation and dispersion of production across the world. India presents a unique example with its high potential in manufacturing capability but low integration in GVCs. In the book Global Value Chains and Missing Links: Cases from Indian Industry we examined the reasons why India has failed to integrate within GVCs so far and looked at key examples to understand the impediments in this process.


Gerpisa 2022 / Keynote / J-P. MacDuffie / T. Fujimoto / S. Helper / M. Stevens / T. Pardi

PVMI, the MIT IMVP and Gerpisa: 40 years of exchanges and research collaboration

John Paul MacDuffie, Wharton and PVMI
Takahiro Fujimoto, Waseda
Sue Helper, White House Council of Economic Advisors (virtual only)
Merieke Stevens, Erasmus University
Tommaso Pardi, ENS Paris-Saclay and Gerpisa


Gerpisa 2022 / Keynote / Supply chain / D. Heller / M. Jackson / F. Volpe

Plenary Gerpisa 2022: Evolving Supply Chain

Daniel Heller, Chuo University
Mike Jackson, Executive Director, Strategy and Research, OESA (Original Equipment Suppliers Association)
Flavio Volpe, Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (Canada)


Gerpisa 2022 / Keynote / Labor / J. Kelly / A. DiCari / W. G. Zuppa

Gerpisa 2022 / Plenary: Labor Roundtable: the UAW, UNIFOR, and Mexico

Jennifer Kelly, Senior Research Analyst, UAW
Angelo DiCaro, Director of Research, UNIFOR
Willebaldo Gomez Zuppa, UNAM


Gerpisa 2022 / Keynote / Books launches

Gerpisa 2022 / Special Session: Books launches

Industrial Policy and Development in Southeast Asia, by Kaoru Natsuda and John Thoburn (Routledge, 2021).
The Political Economy of Automotive Industrialization in East Asia, by Richard F. Doner, Gregory W. Noble and John Ravenhill (Oxford University Press, 2021).
L'odyssée de Spring. Histoire et leçons d'un projet impossible, by Christophe Midler, Marc Alochet & Christophe de Charentenay (Dunod, 2022).


Gerpisa 2022 / Keynote / Regulations / B.W. Smith / M. Olechiw / J. Bozzella

The Regulatory World of Automotive

Bryant Walker Smith, co-director of the University of Michigan Project on Law and Mobility
Michael Olechiw, US Environmental Protection Agency
John Bozzella, Alliance for Automotive Innovation, President and OICA President


Gerpisa 2022 / Keynote / USMCA / G. Mordue / B. Vallejo / A. Covarrubias / B. Kassaz

Gerpisa 2022 Plenary on North America, Post-COVID, Post-USMCA trade agreement

Greig Mordue, McMaster University
Bertha Vallejo, University of Johannesburg
Alex Covarrubias, El Colegio de Sonora
Alex Covarrubias is a Professor at the College of Sonora in Mexico.
Bassel Kazzaz, Automotive Policy Research Centre


Journée du Gerpisa. 02/2022 / Y. Perez / Economie de l'électromobilité

Économie de l’électromobilité: État des lieux et pistes de recherches. 02/2022
Yannick Perez, CentraleSupélec Supélec

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