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Gerpisa 2022 / Keynote / J-P. MacDuffie / T. Fujimoto / S. Helper / M. Stevens / T. Pardi

PVMI, the MIT IMVP and Gerpisa: 40 years of exchanges and research collaboration

John Paul MacDuffie, Wharton and PVMI
Takahiro Fujimoto, Waseda
Sue Helper, White House Council of Economic Advisors (virtual only)
Merieke Stevens, Erasmus University
Tommaso Pardi, ENS Paris-Saclay and Gerpisa


Gerpisa 2022 / Keynote / Supply chain / D. Heller / M. Jackson / F. Volpe

Plenary Gerpisa 2022: Evolving Supply Chain

Daniel Heller, Chuo University
Mike Jackson, Executive Director, Strategy and Research, OESA (Original Equipment Suppliers Association)
Flavio Volpe, Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (Canada)


Gerpisa 2022 / Keynote / Labor / J. Kelly / A. DiCari / W. G. Zuppa

Gerpisa 2022 / Plenary: Labor Roundtable: the UAW, UNIFOR, and Mexico

Jennifer Kelly, Senior Research Analyst, UAW
Angelo DiCaro, Director of Research, UNIFOR
Willebaldo Gomez Zuppa, UNAM


Gerpisa 2022 / Keynote / Books launches

Gerpisa 2022 / Special Session: Books launches

Industrial Policy and Development in Southeast Asia, by Kaoru Natsuda and John Thoburn (Routledge, 2021).
The Political Economy of Automotive Industrialization in East Asia, by Richard F. Doner, Gregory W. Noble and John Ravenhill (Oxford University Press, 2021).
L'odyssée de Spring. Histoire et leçons d'un projet impossible, by Christophe Midler, Marc Alochet & Christophe de Charentenay (Dunod, 2022).


Gerpisa 2022 / Keynote / Regulations / B.W. Smith / M. Olechiw / J. Bozzella

The Regulatory World of Automotive

Bryant Walker Smith, co-director of the University of Michigan Project on Law and Mobility
Michael Olechiw, US Environmental Protection Agency
John Bozzella, Alliance for Automotive Innovation, President and OICA President


Gerpisa 2022 / Keynote / USMCA / G. Mordue / B. Vallejo / A. Covarrubias / B. Kassaz

Gerpisa 2022 Plenary on North America, Post-COVID, Post-USMCA trade agreement

Greig Mordue, McMaster University
Bertha Vallejo, University of Johannesburg
Alex Covarrubias, El Colegio de Sonora
Alex Covarrubias is a Professor at the College of Sonora in Mexico.
Bassel Kazzaz, Automotive Policy Research Centre


Journée du Gerpisa. 02/2022 / Y. Perez / Economie de l'électromobilité

Économie de l’électromobilité: État des lieux et pistes de recherches. 02/2022
Yannick Perez, CentraleSupélec Supélec


International Mini Conference / How the State is transforming the automotive industry (2). 01/2022

From the Covid crisis to electrification: how the State is transforming the automotive industry. (2) Germany / France / Japan

Tommaso Pardi, Director of Gerpisa, CNRS
France - Can the government’s response to the COVID crisis stop the downward spiral of the French automotive industry?
Grzegorz Lechowski, WZB Berlin Social Science Center
Martin Krzywdzinski, Head of the Research Group "Globalization, Work and Production" at WZB and Director of the Institute for the Networked Society

Germany - Political economy of the COVID-crisis in the German automotive industry: towards a transformative industrial policy for the sector?
Holger Bungsche, School for International Studies, Kwansei Gakuin University.
Ecological Transformation of the Japanese Automobile Industry.
A Coordinated Approach to Industrial Restructuring?


International Mini Conference / How the State is transforming the Automotive Industry (1). 01/2022.

From the Covid crisis to electrification: how the State is transforming the automotive industry. (1) China / US / Italy

Kristin Dziczek, Senior Vice President—Research at Center for Automotive Research
U.S. COVID crisis & automotive policy response
Boy Lüthje, Institute of Public Policy South China University of Technology Guangzhou, China
China - Foxconnization of the automotive industry?
Francesco Garibaldo, Director at “Claudio Sabattini” Foundation Italy
The Italian national recovery and resilience plan


International Monthly Seminar. 12/2021

Mattias Näsman, doctor of economic history at Umeå University, Sweden, presents his thesis that explores the historical development of vehicle emission regulations in Sweden and Europe. The thesis specifically explores the case of Sweden, but analyzes this development within its wider European economic, regulatory and environmental policy context.

His presentation is discussed by Samuel Klebaner, CEPN, Université Paris 13


Journée du Gerpisa 12/2021

Nicolas Meilhan (France Stratégie) présente ses travaux avec France Stratégie sur la désindustrialisation automobile en France et évoque des pistes afin que la transition énergétique puisse devenir un véritable levier pour la réindustrialisation de la France.


Gerpisa monthly seminar

The seminar will involve the following two presentations, in conversation.

Xieshu Wang, Zhao Wei
Specialized Vertical Integration: Value Chain Strategy of Power Lithium-ion Battery Firms in China

Stephane HEIM, Kosuke KAKITANI, Jaeho LEE, Hiromi SHIOJI – Speaker: Stephane Heim
The competition patterns and dynamics of the Chinese Li-ion battery industry

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