Dynamics induced by the diffusion of high-voltage batteries in electric vehicles. A system mapping analysis

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Journal Article


International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management, Volume 23, Number 4, p.408 – 425 (2023)




Automotive industry, automotive transition, Automotives, Carmakers, Competitive dynamics, Diffusion, electric vehicles, High voltage batteries, Impact of technology, Mapping, Mapping analysis, Secondary batteries, System mapping, TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE, Technology diffusion


In this article, we focus on the introduction of high-voltage batteries, to explore how this technology might affect the competitive dynamics and players’ strategy beyond the already known effect of car electrification. We have adopted a system-mapping approach to highlight which changes in the industry are considered most probable by a panel of experts, in the light of causal links triggered by the spread of HVBs. The results show that HVBs could significantly strengthen the diffusion of BEVs in general, although the incentive mechanism and the focus on premium segments could play in the opposite direction, preventing or delaying the activation of the virtuous circle between size and scope economies and price reductions. Moreover, vertical networks with stable relationships are likely to be established, in order to create close technological coordination between charging service providers, carmakers and powertrain component manufacturers, including batteries, which could be vertically integrated by carmakers. Copyright © 2023 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.

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