COVID-19 crisis and the automotive industry in Mexico: public policies and firm strategies

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Journal Article


International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management, Volume 23, Number 1, p.42 – 59 (2023)



Automotive industry, COVID-19, Crisis management, Decision making, Decisions makings, FDI and nearshoring, Firm strategy, Investments, Me-xico, Multi-level governance, North American, Performance, Policy strategies, public policy, Supply chains, USMCA


The automotive industry’s performance in Mexico was affected by the health and economic SARS-CoV2-crisis. As part of the complex North American supply chain, several factors influenced decision-making on crisis management. We determined the multilevel governance mechanisms to characterise the process of implementing activities. The productive performance of the industry, capacity utilisation rate per plant, employment, and foreign direct investment were evaluated. The federal government’s support was scarce, although subnational governments were more sensitive to cooperate with stakeholders. Companies had to adapt to pandemic conditions and also to changes in the political and institutional environment driven by the USMCA and tensions between the USA and China. As a result, inward FDI flows and nearshoring practices are growing in the northern Mexican regions, stabilising the supply chains. Copyright © 2023 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.

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