Recent Developments of R&D Activities on Green Automotive Technologies in Turkey and the role of Turkish government

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The Greening of Auto Industry in a period of crisis, Berlin (2010)


This research explores applications of Turkish regional policy makers towards the current crisis and the greening of the global auto industry. The methodology of the research is case study and data collection is face to face interview with AMA (Automotive Manufacturers Association) director and manufacturing auto companies’ R&D managers as well as surveys on data published by governmental institutes. Since 1960’s, there has been a great improvement in the quantity of the products and their conformity to international standards in Turkish auto industry. Production in Turkey is generally handled by Multinational Enterprises and their local partner firms e.g. Ford-Otosan, Renault-Oyak, Fiat-Tofaş, Isuzu-Anadolu, Peugeot-Karsan, Iveco-Otoyol, Mitsubishi-Temsa and Land Rover-Otokar. OEMs like Toyota, Mercedes, MAN and Honda also stand alone without local partner firms’ collaboration. Turkey as being one of important production clusters in Eastern Europe was affected by the current crisis and introduced tax reductions in order to overcome the crisis. In terms of greening, Turkey has a long running incentive program. Turkish government is providing incentives up to 60 % of the expenses of R&D projects for clean energy technologies, including Electric (EV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV). Fuel-efficient vehicles with reduced emissions are some of popular R&D projects. Ford’s partner Otosan and Fiat’s Tofaş have completed R&D works on hybrid cars; however hybrids are not yet launched in Turkey by the local firms. Recently, there have been some collaborative research activities and joint manufacturing plans between Multinationals and their local partners on EV’s. It seems that, this would yield some new brands manufactured in Turkey. In summary, this study briefly presents the recent developments of R&D activities on green automotive-technologies in Turkey and, evaluates the (impact) role of the Turkish government’s policy on this issue.

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