Understanding Drivers and Barriers of Czech Consumers for Purchasing New Energy Vehicles

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Brussels (2023)


automotive, consumer, Electric Vehicle, electromobility, sustainability


Sustainability is an increasingly topical issue for the Czech consumer. However, the popularity of electromobility, one of the pillars of sustainability in the automotive sector, is still very limited in comparison to other European markets. The aim of this paper is to analyze perceptions, motivations and key considerations of Czech consumers for purchasing an electric vehicle. The overall attractiveness, utility, economic, social or environmental attributes play a role when making a decision whether to buy internal-combustion engine, mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid or battery-electric vehicle. The paper builds upon a representative sample of of 1,000 Czech consumers. Limited experience and comparatively low preference for electric vehicles seem to be key barriers for greater consumer preference of new energy vehicles. On the one hand, Czech consumers are concerned about the comparatively higher cost of purchasing and using a new energy vehicle, on the other hand, they are aware of emissions. Costs are perceived rather negatively in the case of electric cars, while emissions and other environmental factors are perceived very positively. Driving pleasure and operational safety are important factors, image associated with new energy vehicles has been found of lesser importance. Ease and availability of charging is an important factor in the perception of electromobility. Refueling of internal combustion engine vehicles is perceived as operational advantage.

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