Applications of Technologies in the Automobile Industry to the Mitigation of the Bullwhip Effect

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Detroit (2022)


The Bullwhip Effect has been mentioned for a long time, since Forrester (1961) has described the phenomena, however it still exists to this day. The purpose of this research is to understand the factors that impact the Bullwhip Effect and understand to what extent has new technologies, such as in Internet of Things, have helped reduce these effects, since there are cases where that is not always the case. Through the analysis of existing academic works in the different areas such as engineering, logistics, administration, among others accessed in several specialized journals, conferences and other websites this study will make a compilation of existing research regarding the reduction of the Bullwhip Effect done by the introduction of new technologies and also describe their applications, benefit and caveats. This will help understand the general trends in this field and what works and why. Companies can also understand what the industry has done and is already doing to deal with such problems, and help them to decide what is applicable or relevant to them, this way they might have a better chance of implementing such methods in their businesses.


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