Electric Vehicles in China

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Conference Paper


Hiromi Shioji


Gerpisa colloquium, Berlin (2010)


voiture électrique


This paper intends to describe the diffusion of electric vehicles in China. However we ignore the advanced and full-fledged electric vehicles developed by large automobile manufacturers. We focus on the simple and easily-generated electric vehicles made by minor business including bicycle and motorcycle manufacturers.
1. ‘Auto Replacement Subsidy for Rural Residents’
Last year Chinese government began ‘Automobile Penetration into Rural Area.’ In the result automobile sales in China expanded and reached to 13.7 millions vehicles in 2009. Especially small vehicles (less than 1600cc) increased from 60% in 2008 to 70% in 2009.
2. Many kinds of transportation and electric vehicles in rural area
Last year we entered a village and interview rural people in order to clarify the diffusion of electric vehicles. We could find there are many kinds of transportation and electric vehicles in rural are. Especially they often use electric three-wheeled vehicle, electric bicycles and electric motorcycles because of the prohibition of gasoline engine motorcycle by local government.
3. Electric bicycles and electric motorcycles
In 2008 normal bicycles were sold 30.7 millions. Electric bicycles were 16.2 millions. Electric motorcycles were 4.8 millions. Gasoline engine motorcycles were 12.2 millions. Automobile were 9.3 millions. Total numbers of electric vehicles add up to 21.0 millions. And the share of Chinese electric vehicles is globally 94.3% in 2007.
4. Future of electric vehicles in China
However the issue is how they can generate the electric power for increasing electric vehicles. In terms of source of energy, coal-fired thermal power is 62%. Oil-fired thermal power is 20%. On the other hand, Chinese government want to restrict oil consumption because the self-sufficiency ratio of oil has been decreasing to around 45% and China is one of the two largest net-importers of oil like U.S.A. Therefore Chinese people may have to use coal-fired thermal power in order to run electric vehicles. In consequence Electric vehicles may increase CO2 emission.

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