Towards a circular economy for end-of-life vehicles management in Thailand

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Detroit (2022)


Automobiles, circular economy, End-of-life vehicle, extended producer responsibility, Industrial Policy, sustainable development goals


Thailand, the largest automobile production hub in Southeast Asia, is at a crossroads in terms of its sustainable development goals. On the one hand, policy makers are keen to upgrade the Thai automotive industry to become a hub of electric vehicle production and explore how to handle old cars to prevent negative externalities. This research will discuss the ongoing policy formulation towards sustainable development and put more emphasis on the latter issue because in transforming to a new industry, we cannot neglect existing and outdated technology cars. Despite Thailand's automotive policies having been successful in upgrading the industry to occupy the 10th rank worldwide in global automobile production in 2019, there has been no regulations or mechanism established to manage vehicles properly when they reach the final stage. There are concerns over the growing number of old cars on the road and the improper treatment of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs), jeopardizing road safety and contributing to environmental problems. Thai customers tend to use their cars for longer than 15 years because of the old institutional factors, i.e., tax structures, registration tax and motor-vehicle tax (Techakanont 2020). Based on a questionnaire survey distributed to car owners, we analysed customers' awareness and acceptance regarding the implementation of ELV policy and examined the factors related to the respondent’s awareness and acceptance of ELV policy. The results showed that two factors were significantly related to the acceptance of respondents regarding the implementation of ELV policy. These were individual factors, knowledge and understanding of ELV, and awareness of ELV being an important factor enhancing the acceptance of Thai people.




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