The ongoing evolution of the (American) new car dealership system, in a changing world

The Dealership of Tomorrow report

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, NADA, Paris (2020)


dealers, dealerships, distribution, Sales


Around the world the new-car distribution system is quite similar: independently-owned dealerships retail vehicles in mono-brand "boutiques." There are variations of course: in some countries OEMs own stores, too, but even these look quite like the independent stores. The system is over a century old: does its age mean it is a fossil ripe for "disruption," or does its age mean it is very good at adapting to new conditions? The National Auto Dealer Association (NADA) in the USA commissioned research work extending from 2017 to 2020, intending to answer this question -- at least for the next decade (to 2030). This presentation will outline the main findings of the report, including the impact of "digitization," electric vehicles, and more. Please note the direct relevance of this work is only for the USA!


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