Hommage à Michel Freyssenet. Mario Salerno

The international network exists because of Michel. 
Mario Sergio Salerno, Escola Politécnica da USP, Departamento de Engenharia de Produção

Dear Elsie,
I’m really sorry for your loss. To some extent, it is also my loss.
I came to know Michel in the early 90s in São Paulo. He was there invited by Helena Hirata, how could return to the country due to the ending of the military dictatorship. Michel was launching Gerpisa at the international level, and he invited me to participate. The international network exists because of Michel.
I remember the first Colloquium at La Defense when he was not so happy with the quality of the lunch… I also remember the several discussions we had on the organization of work, unions, the political situation of Brazil and France, and even on Grenoble! (I was going to the city; he gave some advice)
The day I received the communication (27 Jan.) I was at the seminar on the works of Helena Hirata, I have already given a speech, and in my talk, I noticed that Michel had conducted research in the 80s on the so-called “Japanese model.” In her speech, Helena remembered in more detail this work.

My English is not good enough; I don’t know exactly how to express my sincere condolences and to highlight the relevance Michel has for science, politics, Gerpisa, and in my life.


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