SDGs and BoP3.0 of Automobile Recycling company: Case Study of the 1st SDGs Business Award ecosystem prize winning company in Japan "KaohoSangyo"

Type de publication:

Conference Paper


Tomiyama, E.


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2018)


automobile recycling, BoP3.0, ecosystem, SDGs


In the research of global marketing so far, research on the "arterial industry" that manufactures products and supplies them to the market is mainstream, and empirical studies of downstream automobile distribution service companies and automobile recycling companies are inadequate. Research on global marketing by automobile recycling companies is increasingly required due to the growing global environmental problems and the demand for providing inexpensive high quality mobility.
In this research, we will clarify the trajectory of internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises in automobile recycling by using case of KaihoSangyo Co. exporting used parts to 85 countries including Africa. This company is a global advanced company of automobile recycling with headquarters in Kanazawa. He received a variety of outside awards including SDGs business awards. KaohoSangyo's automobile recycling overseas development project is an effort to combine commercial success and sustainable development. The company has established a system to export second-hand used parts of used cars in Japan to developing countries, to visualize quality, to buy and sell. In addition, we are building a system that is beneficial and necessary for emerging countries, such as nurturing overseas buyers' talent, constructing second-hand parts procurement systems in Japan, building overseas second-hand car auction systems. As a result, shortage of mobility in developing countries has been resolved through realization of low price, realizing the reuse of used parts in Japan in emerging and developing countries.

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