International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management: Editorial

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Journal Article


Persson, M.


International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management, Volume 6, Number 3, p.257-261 (2006)



Various research articles concerned with the use of standardized modularisation strategy and interfaces by automotive companies, to enhance life cycles and decrease the development cost and time of cars, are discussed. Studies show that modularisation allows the division of cars into decoupled modules, create strategic flexibility, and reduce task complexity. The automotive industry is using modularisation for sub-assembling parts of cars, their production and outsourcing, and organization and product development process. A research focuses on the implications of the relationship between product architecture, organization design, and system integration capability, when modularisation strategy is used in automobile design process. The research papers emphasize that successful implementation of a modularisation strategy is achieved by collaboration between the product development and production function in the automotive company.

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