Local policies/cluster approaches

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Given that automobile production is frequently concentrated in specific geographic areas, who are thus heavily dependent on the activity, regional policy makers have been very reactive in proposing iniatives in response to the current crisis. The objectives of the different measures adopted have varied between those that seek to improve the competitive position of different sites in light of falling volumes and those that seek to insert the automobile industry into a broader movement towards “green growth”. The measures have also varied in terms of the operational means adopted as local policy makers do not all have access to the same ressources and competencies. In addition to concerns about production and associated regional pressures, local authorities are also now entering the decision-making arena as they tend to be responsible for the road and transport networks that will be key to future choices in relation to overall mobility. Understanding regional policies and initiatives is thus central to analysing the reactions to the current crisis and the potential new forms of competition that will emerge in the future.

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