First tier suppliers approaches to the crisis

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The challenges facing first tier suppliers in the current crisis are even greater than those facing automobile manufacturers. These suppliers have been the most important vector of technological progress in the industry over the past years and have already had to restructure massively in order to maintain their R&D activities in the light of the financial pressures imposed downstream. The recession has further undermined their financial situation at a time when they are called upon to finance research to respond to the need for significant technological change. Their ability to survive the crisis and restructure their value chains successfully around the major car manufacturers or within national or regional innovation systems will vary and analysis of different trajectories of suppliers will thus enrich our understanding of the impact of the crisis on the automobile sector.
In addition to R&D and innovation, suppliers are also facing key choice in relation to their human resources strategies in relation to the distribution of competencies and the diversity of working conditions offered to employees. These questions are central to the research topic of social, environmental and political sustainability in the automobile industry during and after the crisis.

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