Changes of the car parts trade of the Unites States of America with its three mayor partners

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2017)


Car parts, China, NAFTA, specialization


The trade balance among the United States and its three partners has a deficit. It had the critical point in 2007 for Mexico with 76 billion dollars and in 2008 for Canada with 78 billion dollars. Trade results show the effects of the great crisis and the US trade deficit with Canada decreased to 18 billion dollars while the deficit with Mexico decreased to 56 billion in 2016. Meanwhile China became its first trading partner, moving Canada to the second place and Mexico to the third. The US trade deficit with China in 2016 picked to $ 347 billion, which is five times greater than the deficit it has with Mexico and 19 times that of Canada. Dusell and Gallagher (2014) mentioned that the US participation in 53 tariff fractions of the Mexican market decreased and the Mexican participation in the United States market, in those 53 fractions, also diminished; All this in terms of the participation of China, the guest not invited to NAFTA, so that Mexico's exports to the United States face strong competition, which has been increasing in these years. However it was found that few autopart tariff fractions have been changing because of China’s participation.

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