Global governance versus local independence in Alliance of companies

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Conference Paper


Masumi Kato


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2017)


Alliance, Global governance, strategic group


Global governance versus local independence in Alliance of companies

Renault Nissan alliance is a significant success case of even relationship.
It is a unique case of long term relationship in automotive industry, especially because they keep each brands concept and design spirit as it was after 18 years of alliance.
They are truly associated with each other on equal terms and today both companies are keep expanding the size of communization, from platform design or purchasing process at manufacturing stage to customer research or human resource planning at core strategic stage.
However, those two global companies have opposite style of global governance: Renault’s strong central grip vs. Nissan’s local independence of strong regions. It is not just because Renault’s footprint is mainly in Europe and Nissan’s largest markets are U.S. and PRC. There are reasons of difference and the difference affects all aspect of company strategy.
Author of this paper is responsible for the global “Alliance” segmentation of product in marketing research area which is regarded mostly impossible due to the difference of governance where global one segmentation is mandatory for Renault, on the other hand in Nissan, segmentation must be different in each country for the sake of best understanding of market.
Taking the example of segmentation unification in Alliance, root of difference is analyzed from global-regional organization point of view including human resource development scheme.
Although finding are partially coming from the company culture, it could be implicated to the solution for better partnership between companies under huge strategic group of companies or collaboration with different type of organization such as regional government, IT industries in connected era.

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