A Global Perspective into the Transformation of Motives for Car Use of Young Drivers in Japan, Anglo-Africa, Brazil and USA.

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Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2017)


The intent of the joint researchers involved in this global study is to assist automotive manufacturers and their supplier firms to better understand the young driver market on a global scale by comparing youth motives regarding car usage in multiple countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and South America. Given that such dramatic differences exist across continents, it is important to determine whether or not additional differences exist within different regions of Europe, Asia, South America or North America.
Continuing the research and papers presented at the Gerpisa Kyoto (2014) and Paris (2015) conferences, we address and raise serious concerns and challenges with regard to the decline in car purchasing and drivers license applications among young adults in this global comparative study.
The focus in this proposal is both convergent and divergent trends in the motives for car use among young adults. Disinterest in both obtaining driver’s licenses and purchasing cars is prevalent in a number of areas, but it is certainly not a general global trend as previously assumed. Particularly in industrialized countries it seems likely to be a mere postponement, most likely a function of both economic and educational stages in the life of young adults. Initial results of the data suggest that the division between developed and developing nations is no longer supported, but that very specific underlying societal factors seem to determine the motives for car use.
Four papers in this symposium will explain the situation in the different geographical areas. Below are brief summaries of the papers proposed.
Paper 1: Societal Challenges Dooming Japan’s Domestic Automotive Industry Prospects: Can Young Rural Drivers Reverse The Trend? Philippe Byosiere (Doshisha University, Kyoto) and Hideki Tanaka (Kyoto Gakuen University)
Paper 2: Sao Paulo young Drivers Reveal An Amalgam of motives for car Use.
Marcos Amatucci (ESPM, Sao Paulo)
Paper 3: African Car Usage Attitudes Among Young Drivers: Do Western Patterns of Decline Hold in Anglophone Africa? Denise J. Luethge (Northern Kentucky University), Carole Cangioni (Northern Kentucky University), Serah Ndambiri (Mt. Kenya University)
Paper 4: Moving the Target: Decline Does Not Mean Disinterest For Cars In Young American Drivers. Denise Luethge (Northern Kentucky University), Carole Cangioni (Northern Kentucky University) and Philippe Byosiere (Doshisha University)

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