Research survey results for the efficient Central and South America auto parts suppliers for the North American region auto part

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Gerpisa colloquium, Puebla (2016)


For Central and South America country, New type Supplier survey


After TPP negotiations have concluded, auto parts price competition within the participant economies, and not only the competition in each individual country, but particularly in relation to the NAFTA region, in order to manage a sustainable stable economy growth, it is needed to secure an appropriate auto parts supply chain within the ASEAN region, including the Central and south America region’s auto parts supplier.
Bearing in mind that 10 years ago, the results on the Chinese parts prices and development of cheap parts suppliers’ constant waste of time, decline on technology and competitiveness, among other problems, many were forced to adopt the high price global supplier parts in order to adapt to schedule of automobile development.
Looking at the current conditions of TPP, it would not be considerable a new research for a longer period of time on production supply and new parts suppliers development.
Then, taking into consideration ISO, as well as Western and Japanese automobile manufacturers research surveys items, highly simplifying and based on MT method of quality engineering (Taguchi method), an e-mail based inquiry survey was conducted in order to analyze individually each supplier’s candidate components, and also as a result of performing factory visits and detailed investigations, it is confirmed that the number of steps involved in car components suppliers development could be greatly reduced. Hence, the development focused only on effective components suppliers could be accomplished.
This research was first conducted in Japan to review the characteristics of the Japanese parts suppliers within the Tokai Region. This time, based in this content and supported by ProMexico’s cooperation, a survey was conducted in Mexico to report the different types of challenges and differences with the Japanese features. By furthering this study to evaluate the entire auto part supplier’s quality from Mexico to Central and South America, an extensive evaluation of the Central and South America entire auto parts supply quality, delivery time and costs levels evaluation could be accomplished.

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