Inclusive development is possible, based on the Automotive Industry? The experience of the plant VW / Audi in the state of Puebla. Mexico.

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Puebla (2016)


The automotive industry in Mexico has grown significantly in the last two decades (2015,
automotive exports accounted for 23% of all exports from Mexico, according to the report
of the AMIA 2016). The Mexican government through the Development Plan 2013-2018,
has set a policy of economic development, particularly in strategic sectors with capacity to
generate economic growth, employment generation with a comprehensive vision where
they take into account the protection of natural resources, education, citizen participation,
among others. But all these measures do not mean that translate into a comprehensive
development of regions where new auto plants are installed; starting from the government
to buy at a low price the land where new industrial developments were installed.
This paper analyzes what is happening in the municipality of San José Chiapa and
Nopalucan in the state of Puebla from the beginning of the activity of the plant AUDI,
based on the application of a representative survey of social indicators in the municipalities
of San José Chiapa and Nopalucan.
The data obtained were worked in SPSS and have important conclusions about the
project's inception VW / Audi, economic growth is starting in the region and the social
problems that are being developed

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