Scientific and technological trends of lithium-ion batteries for electri vehicle: insights from the application of bibliometric and patent analysis

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Puebla (2016)


Electric vehicles represent one alternative to traditional propulsion systems, because
they reach better energy efficiency, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and reduce the
percentage of greenhouse gas emissions and particulate materials that generate impacts
on the environment and human health.
Despite the benefits of the use of electric vehicles, they have to overcome technological
problems related to batteries’ optimization and performance, such as recharging time,
circulation autonomy, weight, volume, safety, energy density, cost, lifespan and impact
on the environment.
Among the different battery technologies for electric vehicles, lithium-ion batteries are
highlighted for its higher energy density, higher power, lower weight and reduced
environmental impact in relation to the lead-acid batteries.
This paper intends to present an overview on the main scientific and technological
trends related to lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicle through a bibliometric and 2
patent analysis. This kind of analysis is important to identify the growth of research and
scientific production with the technology, technological trajectories, productivity of
authors and the different type of institutions involved (scientific institutions, universities
and companies) along with the collaboration between them.

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