Services and cycles of environmental innovation in Mexico automotive sector

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2016)


automotive sector., Environmental Innovations, services


In recent years, services have become a key element to promote higher value-added activities in the automotive sector. The operational flexibility of services have been key to recovery in the automotive sector after the crisis of 2008. The evidence suggests that the development of professional, financial and logistical services have been an important catalyst to stimulate the innovation cycle in the automotive sector. This paper presents empirical evidence of the automotive companies established in Mexico in relation to the role played by the services in the environmental innovation cycle. The paper shows that the interface mechanism is mediated by the approval of environmental competencies and coexistence of differentiated organizational learning processes; which has led to the composition of isomorphic organizational structures, but with divergent cognitive processes. Based on a quasi-experimental design, in-depth interviews with managers and visits to automotive assemblers and auto parts companies located in Mexico are made. This paper propuse that the development of services on a regional scale is an opportunity of productive specialization to the 2nd automobile revolution, characterized by the transition to the production of cars with greater energy efficiency and lower emissions generation. In summary, this paper presents the main drivers, challenges and opportunities to increase environmental innovation capabilities in the automotive sector in Mexico based on services.

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